CONTENTS № 6/2017


УДК 550.311:551.24(470.21) Filatova V.T. (Geological Institute KSC RAS) // filatova@geoksc.apatity.ru Petrovskaya L.S. (Geological Institute KSC RAS) // petrovskaya@geoksc.apatity.ru CONDITIONS OF EXCESS PRESSURE GENERATION DURING THE FORMATION OF STRUCTURAL-MATERIAL COMPLEXES WITHIN SHEAR ZONES (KOLA PENINSULA) The performed numerical simulation allowed to physically substantiate the mechanism of the excess pressure generation in shear zones during shifts of rigid crustal blocks. It has been shown that increased pressure values may be provided at a relatively low depth in inter-bloc plastic rocks due to shear movements of the crust segments regarding each other. The pressure distribution in the layer is non-linear and depends on the speed of block motion and layer thickness and the viscosity of its rocks. Keywords: Baltic Shield, Neoarchaean, Earth’s crust, metamorphism, thermodynamic conditions, shear zones, numerical modeling. Р. 3-7
УДК 553.492.6 (571.6) Sklyarovа G.F. (Institute of Mining FEB RAS) // sklyarova@igd.khv.ru NALEDNOYE – THE LARGEST FIELD OF ALUMSTONES IN RUSSIA. CRITERIA OF PREDICTION AND PERSPECTIVE ASSESSMENT It is a characteristic of ice mound deposits Nalednoye. By analogy of the geological structure, formation conditions in connection with the secondary quartzite, mineral and chemical composition of ores and other characteristics with better known in the geological and technological and economic terms alunite deposits, promising (Lower and Middle Amur regions of the Far East) and industrial (Zaglikskoe in Azerbaijan Beganskoe in Ukraine), field perspectives ice mound with about 6 billion t resources estimated significant. Keywords: alunite, complex raw materials, the Far East. Р. 7-12
УДК 002.55 Goloudin R.I. (VSEGEI) //goloudin@mail.ru THE PROBLEMS OF THE GEOLOGICAL SYSTEMATIZATION Currently the leading countries use digital information in their geological services. Therefore scientific organization and classification of geological information, as well as database development are urgently needed. This is especially important for geological mapping. In this paper according to current reguirements geological knowledge peculiarities are analyzed. Conceptual and terminology recommendations are also made. Keywords: geology, mapping, systematization, classification, terminology. Р. 12-17
УДК 553.411.071 Nevolko P.A. (Sobolev Institute of Geology and Mineralogy SB RAS) // nevolko@igm.nsc.ru Fominykh P.A. (Sobolev Institute of Geology and Mineralogy SB RAS) // fominykhpa@igm.nsc.ru PILOT-METHODICAL MERCURY VAPOR ANALYSIS SHOOTING AT THE NOVOLUSHNIKOVSKOE GOLD DEPOSIT (SALAIR RIDGE) A detailed study of the mineral composition of the Novolushnikovskoe gold deposit and determination of the chemical composition of the ore minerals showed the presence of Hg-bearing fahlores and native gold.

Significant concentrations of Hg in these minerals (up to 20 wt. %) served as a prerequisite for development of methodical Mercury Vapor Analysis shooting at the deposit area. Results are evidence of high efficiency Mercury Vapor Analysis atmogeochemical method. Keywords: gold, Novolushnikovskoe deposit, Mercury Vapor Analysis method. Р. 17-21

УДК 549:553.5 (59) Bystrov I.G. (VIMS), Petrochenkov D.A. (MGRI-RGGRU) MINERALOGICAL FEATURES OF THE NAUTILUS SINK The article presents the results of detailed studies of the structure of the nautilus shell with a complex of mineralogical-analytical methods, including optical microscopy, X-ray diffraction, electron microscopy and electron probe analysis. The structure of the shells at the nanometer level has been studied by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and small-angle scattering at the synchrotron source (SAXS). Gemmological characteristics of the shells are determined. Keywords: nautilus, structure, aragonite, biopolymer. Р. 21-26


УДК 553.98.4:551.7.763 (571.1) Taninskaya N.V. (Geologorazvedka) // tannv@yandex.ru Vasiliev N.Ya. (Geologorazvedka) // vasilevnya@mail.ru Nizyaeva I.S. (Geologorazvedka) // nieva-irina@yandex.ru Myasnikova M.A. (Geologorazvedka) // marisha210288@mail.ru Zeltser V.N. (Geologorazvedka) // klubnichka_18_88@mail.ru Markova S.I. (Geologorazvedka) // geo-lady@mail.ru LITHOFACIES AND PALEOGEOGRAPHIC RECONSTRUCTION OF THE APTIAN DEPOSITS OF THE NORTH OF WESTERN SIBERIA The article presents the results of a comprehensive study on the reconstruction of depositional environments and lithofacies Aptian sediments of the Lower Cretaceous in Northern Yamal-Gydansk region of Western Siberia. Based on sedimentology analysis of cores and facies interpretation GIS clarified genesis top of Tanopchinskaya formationandidentified facies, favorable for the formation of hydrocarbon reservoirs. Keywords: Yamal and Gydan-region, AptianStage, paleogeography, facies, hydrocarbon reservoirs. Р. 27-31


УДК 502.4 Belan L.N. (Research Institute of life safety of The Republic of Bashkortostan) // belan77767@mail.ru Bogdan E.A. (Research Institute of life safety of The Republic of Bashkortostan) // eavolkova@bk.ru CONSERVATION OF MARSHES AS AN INSTRUMENT OF ADAPTATION TO THE CONDITIONS OF GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE (ON THE EXAMPLE OF THE REPUBLIC OF BASHKORTOSTAN) The characteristic of the biospheric role of peat bogs was given. The level of protection of marsh complexes in the Republic of Bashkortostan was estimated. The principles of excretion of territories having natural value and claiming for status of specially protected natural area were characterized. The procedure for determining the boundaries of security zones was consedered. Economic estimation of ecosystem services of peat bogs of forest-steppe and steppe zones of the Republic of Bashkortostan is carried out. Keywords: specially protected natural area, marsh complexes, natural monument, security zone, The Republic of Bashkortostan. Р. 31-35


УДК 62.52+62.83 Limitovskiy A.M. (MGRI-RGGRU) // kir_2008@inbox.ru Roldugin K.V. (MGRI-RGGRU) // kir_2008@inbox.ru PRIORITY BASIS MODERNIZATION OF ELECTRIC DRIVE DRILLING RIGS IN MODERN CONDITIONS Modernization of electric domestic drilling rigs is a relevant activity. It is also necessary to solve some, both constructive and technological aspects. And it is a replacement drive on an individual group and the use of continuously-variable drive. Keywords: electric drive, drilling rigs, frequency regulation, diesel power station. Р. 35-37
УДК 553.048:622.243.3 Trushin S.I. (Polymetal UK, Saint-Petersburg) // Trushin@polymetal.ru Mahinya V.B. (Polymetal UK, Khabarovsk department) // MahinyaVB@hbr.polymetal.ru Osetskiy A.I. (Polymetal UK, Saint-Petersburg) // Osetskiy@polymetal.ru THE USE OF SMALL SIZED DRILLING MACHINES FOR ESTIMATION OF ORE MINERALIZATION AND GEOGHEMICAL ANOMALIES, LOCATED IN REMOTE AREAS The results analysis of experimental works were conducted about using small-size drilling machine for estimation of ore mineralization and geochemical anomalies. Opportunities were discounted, advantages and disadvantages of small-size drilling machine were detected. The subsequent use of this type tools was recommended in conducting evaluative and verification works within remote area. Keywords: small-size drilling machines, drilling of small-size holes. Р. 37-42


УДК 551.263.94 Ivanov V.P. (TPU Institute of Natural Resources) // ivp2005@mail.ru Okhotnikov K.V. (Resurs LLC Coal Company) // oxotnikow@mail.ru SPECIAL FEATURES OF IDENTIFICATION OF PROCESS GROUPS IN COAL GRADES WHEN ESTIMATING RESERVES The norms and specifications have been reviewed that regulate the identification of process groups and the types of coal and ore have been compared in terms of natural and industrial types. It has been determined that the difference of industrial (process) types of ore and coal is conditioned by the degree of processing to obtain finished product, while the guidelines of the State Committee on Reserves lack the qualitative parameters for the conditions to identify the process types of coal. It is suggested, that the reserves of coking coal should be identified as carbon forming (premium) and process (valuable), while the thermal coal should be identified as energy-technological and fuel. Keywords: study reliability, grade composition, conditions, quality, process property, natural type, industrial (process) type, grade, value. Р. 42-48


УДК 556.3 Annenkov A.A. (Hydrospetzgeologiya) // info@specgeo.ru Grabovnikov V.A. (Hydrospetzgeologiya) // ggo@specgeo/ru Egorov N.N. (Hydrospetzgeologiya) // egorov@specgeo.ru Leonenko L.V. (Hydrospetzgeologiya) // ggo@specgeo/ru Lygin A.M. (Rosnedra) // alygin@rosnedra.gov.ru Morozov A.F. (Rosnedra) // amorozov@rosnedra.gov.ru UNDERGROUND DISPOSAL OF INDUSTRIAL WASTES – HYDROGEOLOGICAL FUNDAMENTALS, USE EXPERIENCE, CONTRADICTIONS OF NATURE PROTECTION LAWS The problem of underground disposal of industrial wastes was considered, hydrogeological fundamentals of underground disposal of liquid industrial wastes including radioactive wastes were described, examples of practical results were given regarding disposal of liquid wastes of nuclear and chemical industry in Russia. It was indicated that standard methodical and cartographical database was formed in Russia. It provides practical use of underground disposal of dangerous wastes including radioactive wastes. Also it has to be pointed that some of “Environment protection” law and “Water code” articles actually have restrictive essence regarding disposal of toxic and radioactive wastes which is absolutely absurd considering initial orientation for nature preservation of this method. It was approved by legislators themself during special parliament hearings in 1997. It was stated the importance of creation of atlas of specialized maps reflecting conditions of dangerous industrial wastes disposal in different aggregate states within the territory of each federal region of Russia. Keywords: disposal of toxic and radioactive industrial wastes, liquid wastes, atlas of specialized maps of Russia’s territory regarding conditions of industrial wastes disposal. Р. 48-54
УДК 624.131.543 Kropotkin M.P. (Singeos) // singeos@narod.ru GEOECOLOGICAL ESTIMATION OF LARGE BLOCK LANDSLIDES OF THE MOSCOW REGION Search algorithms of the displacement zone with the minimum stability coefficient in stage-by-stage computer simulation methods and other geological and geodesic information are used. The emergence and development of large block landslides in the Moscow region are based on the classic shear mechanism. Total duration creep period was estimated and the impossibility of spontaneous decay is showed. The measures for monitoring and engineering protection against these landslides in the conditions of the geoecological situation of the megalopolis are proposed. Keywords: computer simulation, monitoring, engineering protection. Р.


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