Fresh issue

Fresh issue contents: Р.
Kazanin G.S., Ivanov G.I., Kazanin A.G. Innovative vector of development of Russian marine geophysics 4
Shkarubo S.I., Zhuravlev V.A., Radchenko M.S., Neupokoeva A.A., Burguto A.G., Rudenko A. A., Prokonina M.V. Geological mapping of the shelf of the Russian Arctic: results of the current stage and perspectives 11
Zayats I.V., Makarov E.S. The modernized research fleet of JSC «MAGE» is a basis for the innovation development 18
Kazanin A.G., Kazanin G.S., Ivanov G.I., Sarkisyan M.V., Morozov V.E. Innovative technologies in the implementation of engineering and geological work on the Arctic shelf of Russia 21
Kazanin G.S., Poselov V.A., Zayats I.V., Ivanov G.I., Makarov E.S., Vasiliev A.S., Smirnov O.E. Complex geophysical studies of the central deep-water part of the Arctic Ocean 25
Kirillova-Pokrovskaya T.A. Development of the actual geological model of the Laptev Sea and adjacent deep-water zones for the updated estimate of its hydrocarbon potential 30
Shlykova V.V., Velichko B.M., Pavlov S.P., Zuуkova O.N. Development zone forecast of possible hydrocarbon accumulation features on the North Barents shelf 39
Kryukova G.G., Velichko B.M. Oil & gas potential of the Gusinozemelskaya part of the Prednovozemelskaya structural area 48
Kazanin G.S., Barabanova Yu.B., Kirillova-Pokrovskaya T.A., Chernikov S.F., Pavlov S.P., Ivanov G.I. Continental margin of the East Siberian Sea: geological structure and hydrocarbon potential 51
Fomina E.A., Pavlov S.P., Sorokina E.N., Samigullina Yu.I., Kislenko O.S., Kirillova-Pokrovskaya T.A., Fedukhina T.Ya., Barabanova Yu.B. Geological structure and hydrocarbon potential Pritajmyr continental margin of the Laptev Sea 55
Kazanin G.S., Verba M.L., Ivanov G.I., Kirillova-Pokrovskaya T.A., Smirnov O.E. The tectonic map of the East Siberian Sea: the undisturbed paleozoic cover (according to the data acquired by MAGE) 61