Fresh issue

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Marchenko A.G., Ilchenko V.O., Makarova Yu.V. The efficiency of different soil-sampling geochemical prospecting methods in the search for pge-cu-ni ores in the landscape and geological environment of Norilsk region 3
Galyuk S.V., Menchinskaya O.V. The concept of anomaly as interpretative basis for the geochemical exploration data 15
Sharafutdinova L.P., Djalilov G.G. Lithological and stratigraphic features of the middle jurassic sediments of the North Ustyurt depression (Uzbekistan) 22
Omonov Kh.A. Prospects for coal and iron ore in the Kugitan mountains 30
Lubchich V.A. Electromagnetic sounding of the earth’s crust in the transition region from the rocks of the crystalline Baltic shield to the rocks of the sedimentary cover of the Barents sea plate 34
Elokhina S.N., Zhukovskaya E.P., Cherepanova E.R., Kindler А.A. Assessment of groundwater resources in the process of creating a set of maps of hydrogeological subject at a scale of 1 : 200 000 for the Chelyabinsk region 43
Torikova M.V., Mikheeva E.D., Polikashina N.S. Features of distribution of chemical elements in crude oil varieties, their oxidation products and individual components 50
Petrochenkov D.A., Krivoshchekov N.N. Mineral composition and gemological characteristics of jewelry and ornamental ammonites of the Modirovala deposit, Madagascar 60
Orlova N.A. Consideration of the terrain of the uneven roof of rock soils and their possible influence on the formation of landslides in dispersed soils 67