Fresh issue

Fresh issue contents: P.
Kazanov O.V., Kozlovskiy D.S., Lapteva A.M., Nikitina E.S., Fateeva A.A. Main tasks of geological exploration for high-tech metals 3
Volkov A.V., Galyamov A.L. Ore-forming systems of large deposits of high-tech metals in Russia: patterns of placement, conditions of formation, mineral resource potential 11
Chan V.T., Ignatov P.A., Do M.P. Geological position and material composition of ores of gold deposits of the Quang Nam — Quang Ngai region (Central Vietnam) 19
Likhnikevich E.G., Permyakova N.A., Kurkov A.V., Sokolova V.N. Modern technological approaches for processing of gold-containing antimony raw materials 27
Abramov A.M., Galieva Zh.N., Sobol Yu.B., Zarganaev A.Z. Prospects for processing man-made waste of the production of mineral fertilizers from phosphorites and apatites with obtaining individual RZM 31
Fedorov Yu.O., Solovev A.S. Results of pilot tests of x-ray diometric separation technology for pre-enrichment of lepidolite ores of Mungutiin Tsagaan Durvulzhin (MCD) deposit in Mongolia 40
Levchenko E.N., Volkovа N.M., Klyucharev D.S. Predicted chemical elements of the periodic table and their discovery 49
Trofimov A.P., Vedyaeva I.V., Zagubnyy D.G., Kolbasin I.N. Geochemical signs of diamond, uranium, rare-metal nodes and fields of South-Eastern Anabar 52
Galyuk S.V., Menchinskaya O.V. Methodological support of design prospecting geochemical works 59
Bobkov R.A., Volfson I.F. Actual tasks of geochemical research in the territories of environmental risk and ways to solve them 65