Fresh issue

Fresh issue contents: P.
Grishaev S.I., Demidov V.L. Full cycle production and technological chains and production-consumption balances of strategic mineral raw materials as the basis for forming a consolidated order 7
Lalomov A.V. Placer deposits as the source of strategic mineral raw materials 15
Petrov V.A., Ustinov S.A., Minaev V.A., Nafigin I.O., Grishkov G.A., Yarovaya E.V. Geoinformation technologies in forecasting and mineragenic researches 25
Morozova L.N., Zozulya D.R., Skublov S.G. Kola rare metal pegmatite belt — the most important source of strategic mineral raw materials (Li, Be, Nb, Ta, Cs) in Russia 36
Mikheeva E.D., Kuzmenko P.S. The relevance of the study and the problems of the development of hydromineral raw materials in the Russian Federation 40
Isokov M.U., Movlanov Zh.Zh., Maripova S.T. Ore containment of ophiolite associations of Uzbekistan (Southern Tien Shan) and their importance for creation of mineral resource base of high technology 48
Turamuratov I.B. Methods of searching for hidden and overlapped mineralization in various mining, geological and landscape conditions of Uzbekistan 56
Astakhova Yu.M., Zhukova V.E., Ozhogina E.G., Sycheva N.A., Rassulov V.A., Yakushina O.A., Skorynin I.A. Specific features of spodumene pegmatites mineralogical study 71
Sycheva N.A., Kydzhy M.V., Rassulov V.A., Zhukova V.E., Shuvalova Yu.N. Specific features of mineral composition of high-titanium ilmenite ores affecting their enrichment 75
Kasikov A.G., Shchelokova E.A., Kunshina G.B., Bocharova I.V., Kuznetsov I.А. Preparation of lithium carbonate from spodumene concentrate of the Kolmozersky deposit and its use in the synthesis of solid electrolyte 81
Gerasimova L.G., Artemenkov A.G., Nikolaev A.I., Shchukina E.S. On the possibility of combined processing of Kola titanium-calcium raw materials 88
Rudenko A.A., Nosyrev G.M., Danileyko V.V. Objective possibility eventuality of use of technological developments for mining and  extraction of rare metals at in-ground leaching well objects 93
Prozorova M.V., Saltykov A.S., Gryaznov V.M., Konoplev V.A., Rassulov V.A. The nature of changes in uranium ores under the influence of glycerine solutions in the process of heap leaching 97