Fresh issue contents:

Fresh issue contents: Р.
Mashkovtsev G.A., Miguta A.K., Shchetochkin V.N. Geology of uranium in VIMS – is the glory way in three centuries of the century 3
Grebenkin N.A., Melnikov S.I. Uranium-bearing capacity and metallogeny of the late precambrian South-Siberian megazone 22
Tomashev A.V., Ledeneva N.V., Rudakov R.E., Zaytcev S.U., Kosenko V.V. Ore-occurrence of beryllium Snezhnoye (Eastern Sayan). Geological structure, history of formation, types and composition of beryllium ores 30
Rzhevskaya A.K., Grebenkin N.A. Estimation of petrophysical properties of rocks and ore of Stolbovoe uranium deposit (Eastern Prisayanie) 38
Saltykov A.S., Kutueva O.V., Avdonin G.I. Geotechnological field experiments conducted during the evaluation stage 44
Solodov I.N., Polonyankina S.V., Vorobyova L.Yu., Noskov M.D., Ivanov A.G. Elimination of uranium losses and dilution during borehole underground leaching 52
Bakhur A.E. Interpreting technogenic and nontechnogenic radioactive anomalies in environmental objects 58
Halezov A.B. The role of the All-Russian institute of mineral resources (FSBI «VIMS») in the development of the uranium mineral resource base in the Ural region 62