Fresh issue contents:

Fresh issue contents: Р.
Spiridonov I.G., Kim G.P., Kilipko V.A., Yushko N.A. State, problems, prospects of development of multi-scale geochemical work during the realization of «Long-Term State program of subsoil exploration and reproduction of mineral resources base of Russia on the basis of balance of consumption and reproduction of mineral raw materials» 3
Krinochkin L.A., Kilipko V.A., Krinochkina O.K., Gulyaeva N.G. Efficiency of geochemical works during creation of GHO-1000 on the example of sheet O-41 10
Sokolov S.V., Shevchenko S.S., Nikitchenko E.E., Yushko N.A. Status, problems and improvement of normative-methodological support of multi-scaled geochemical works 15
Sharoyko Yu.A., Grushin R.V. The place and role of geochemical data when forming the common fund of geological information 22
Kremenetskiy A.A., Veremeeva L.I., Polyakova T.N., Gramenitskaya P.N. New approaches to the mineragenic assessment of the Russian sector of the Arctic 29
Grigorov S.A., Kremenetskiy A.A., Spiridonov I.G., Pilitsyn A.G. Structural-geochemical zoning of the Arctic sector of the Russian Federation 35
Milyaev S.A., Kryazhev S.G., Vilenkina Yu.V. Search of polymetallic fields in difficult landscape and geological situations on the imposed dispersion auras 39
Levchenko E.N., Bykhovskiy L.Z., Spiridonov I.G., Klyucharev D.S. Features of accounting rare metal reserves 45
Lalomov A.V., Grigoreva A.V., Bochneva A.A., Magazina L.O., Chefranov R.M. Rare metal placer deposits of Lovozero massif 51
Klyucharev D.S., Soesoo Alvar Ore future of combustible shales 57
Mikhaylyuk A.V., Levchenko E.N., Levchenko M.L. The use of glauconite in the solution of problems of environmental protection and restoration of natural properties soil and water environment 62