Fresh issue contents:

Fresh issue contents: Р.
Annenkov A.A., Glinskiy M.L. Hydrogeology in the service of the state 5
Annenkov A.A., Blazhnov Ya.N., Egorov N.N., Ivanova N.F., Novoselova V.N. The assessment of the possibility of using subsurface resources to create underground oil storage facilities of the federal reserve of hydrocarbon raw materials 9
Spektor S.V., Pugach S.L., Platonova A.V., Lygin, A.M. State monitoring of the subsoil – the information basis of the state hydrogeological mapping 16
Abramov A.A., Glinskiy M.L. Ensuring the safe management of radioactive waste and justifying the decommissioning scenarios of nuclear and radiation hazardous facilities of the SC «Rosatom» using data from industry information-analytical systems 20
Pugach S.L., Spektor S.V., Platonova A.V., Kokoreva S.V., Zhuravlev A.N., Grishin E.S. Methodology for compiling and preparing for publication of sheets of state hydrogeological maps of Russian Federation at a scale of 1:1 000 000, 1:200 000 24
Elokhina S.N., Kindler A.A., Kislyakova A.A., Sergeeva A.S. State and main problems of the drinking water on the base of ground sources in the Urals Federal District 30
Shagaliev R.M., Butnev O.I., Gorev I.V., Pronin V.A., Glinskiy M.L., Kuvaev A.A., Semenov M.E. Software product «NIMFA»: development and adoption to hydrogeological simulation practice 36
Zabirchenko D.N., Malofeeva S.S., Krutkin L.L. Comprehensive monitoring of hazardous endogenous geological processes in the North-Caucasian seismoactive region 40
Spector S.V., Korolev I.B., Tereschenko L.A., Arutyunova S.V., Starodubova Yu.P. State monitoring of mineral underground waters particularly protected ecological resort region of Caucasian mineral waters 47
Lgotin V.A., Zhulmina G.A., Balobanenko A.A., Karlinskiy S.M. Factors forming the ecological conditions of groundwater the basin of lake Baikal 53
Spector S.V., Korolev I.B., Tereschenko L.A., Manina R.A., Yurchenko S.A. The hydrogeological situation in the area of the state nature reserve «Samur», Republic of Dagestan 59
Kononchenko E.V., Kuvaev A.A., Petrash A.B., Svyatovets S.V., Merkulov I.A., Seelev I.N., Platonov V.V. Impact assessment of industrial nuclear waste wet storages on groundwater and surface water using numerical modeling 64