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«Prospect and protection of mineral resources».

Periodical journal has been published from 1931 to the present day. It highlights the actual problems of geology. The journal was awarded the honorary signs and gratitude letters. «Prospect and protection of mineral resources» is a multidisciplinary scientific-and-technical journal that brings together all the geological institutions of the country. Firstly it was published in July 1931 in Moscow and it has been one of the basic geology journals. On the pages you can observe boards of the Federal Agency of Natural resources of Russia, from time to time selections on various aspects of mineral resources of the country, new methods and technologies of exploration. The main subjects are the details about new deposits of solid minerals, materials, techniques and technology for exploration, articles on management and economics of geological exploration, conservation of resources, professional life and other issues. There is not one of any significant problems in the field of geological and geophysical studies, technologies for prospecting and exploration of minerals that would not be discussed in the journal. Diversity of issues raised and the high level of published material makes the journal interesting geology, geophysics, hydrogeology, geochemists, drillers, etc. Regular publication of industry leaders can be aware of the major challenges facing the industry experts. Among its authors are the names of prominent scientists, the major organizers of the geological survey production, geologists, economists, etc. Most of the articles have references, bibliographies, tables, graphs and illustrations. Journal «Prospect and protection of mineral resources» enters into the list of leading scientific journals and publications, defined by the Higher Attestation Commission.

All material published in the journal are reviewed and estimated by scientific experts. Journal’s edition is about 1 000 copies.

Publication subscription exists.  It is included into Union catalog «Press of Russia», «Rospechat», etc.

Electronic subscription is avaliable at elibrary.ru.

ISSN 0034-026X

The publication format 70×100 1/8 А4. Coated paper. Offset printing, colored. Monthly printed.