CONTENTS № 5/2017


УДК 553.495 (571.56) Azizov O.Kh. (VIMS) // oleg-azizov@yandex.ru Bereznev M.V. (VIMS) // bereza.sp@yandex.ru Kozlovskiy D.S. (VIMS) // dmitriy.wu@gmail.com Ledeneva N.V. (VIMS) // naled@rambler.ru Trofimov N.S. (VIMS) URANIUM ORE OF THE CENTRAL PART OF THE ALAZEYSKY UPLAND The main results of uranium mineralization explore in the central part of the Alazeysky upland in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) are considered. The complex of the applied exploration methods, including 3D geologic-geophysical modeling is characterized. The description of ore prospects and mineral composition of the supergene and hypogene uranium mineralization is given. Uranium ore hunting evidence are mapped and perspective targets for detailed works of different stages are allocated. Keywords: the Alazeysky upland, exploration methods, uranium ore. Р. 3-9
УДК 553. 491 Turlychkin V.M. (Rosgeologiya, Tula NIGP) // nigptula@mail.ru ABOUT FINDS OF PLATINUM MINERALS IN THIN DEPOSITS OF TULA REGION Thin quartz sands from three cuts located in the Tula region are studied. In them, at prevalence of quartz grains, the whole complex of various mineral educations among which polik-hay finds are of the greatest interest is established (Pt, Fe). The thin educations containing various ore minerals are brought and processed by glaciers of intensively destroyed mineralized zones of Karelia and the White Sea coast. Keywords: platinum minerals, thin deposits, Tula region, Karelia. Р. 9-12
УДК 553.411 (571.1) Kolpakov V.V. (IGM SB RAS) // vladk@igm.nsc.ru Nevolko P.A. (IGM SB RAS) // nevolko@igm.nsc.ru Fominykh P.A. (IGM SB RAS) // fominykh@igm.nsc.ru PLACER GOLD OF EGOREVSK DISTRICT AS THE FORECASTING CRITERION OF GOLD MINERALIZATION (NORTH-WEST SALAIR) The morphology and fineness of alluvial gold placers of the Egorevsk gold-bearing area is an indicator of possible gold mineralization. The presence of the gold of very high fineness (> 950 ‰) and/or gold particles larger than 1-2 mm size indicates veined gold-quartz mineralization, of different sizes of gold particles with a high (850-950 ‰) and average (750-850 ‰) fineness – vein-stockwork gold-sulfide-quartz mineralization and/or mineralized rocks, of small gold particles with low fineness – gold-bearing polymetallic mineralization and/or mineralized rocks. Keywords: gold, alluvial placers, the types of ore sources, gold particles size, gold fineness, favourable areas. Р. 12-18
УДК 553.312′611.′53) Aryutina V.P. (CNIIgeolnerud) // root@geolnerud.net Egorova N.G. (CNIIgeolnerud) // root@geolnerud.net HEMATITE ORES FROM KUTIM DEPOSIT AS PERSPECTIVE SOURCE OF ANTICORROSIVE PIGMENTS The short characteristic of fields and deposits of hematite specularite-bearing ores in European part in Russia (South Karelia, Middle Ural) is given. Using the results of revision-estimating works and physical and chemical investigations, the quality of hematite ores from Kutim deposit in Permian region is recognized as high and perspective direction of using them as anticorrosive pigments is definited; of probable resources of hematite ores (micaceous hematite) is made. Keywords: hematite, specularite, anticorrosive pigment, deposit, Kutim. Р. 18-25
УДК 553.068.57 Vismuradov A.V. (Caucasusnedra) // adam-65@inbox.ru Daukaev A.A. (CNII Russian Academy of Sciences) // daykaev@mail.ru Nikiforov Yu.A. (SKF FBU «TFGI SFD») // skfiltfi1@rambler.ru Bachaeva T.H. (CHGU) // bachaeva@bk.ru PERSPECTIVES OF SEARCHING FOR BROKEN METALLONIC BULKS IN NEOGENE-QUATERTIAL DEPOSITS OF THE EASTERN CISCAUCASIA The problems of field development of wolfram, molybdenum, copper, lead, zinc, gold and other metal in the North Caucasus are characterized. The authors set forward a new way for indication of concealed metal-rich deposits in Eastern Ciscaucasia in neogen-quarternary sediments with the perspective of their hydraulic borehole mining exploration. Based on analysis of earlier studies the conclusion is given that panning of recent sediments is ineffective. The examples of various earlier deposits indications by geochemical methods and drilling are given. Data on Paleolithic bottomglade, fleet and littoral deposits building in Eastern Ciscaucasia is presented. It is recommended to prepare geological and geophysical materials for definition of perspective locations for exploration at scales 1:500 000, 1:200 000 and larger and their further testing by geological, geophysical, drilling studies and geochemical methods. Keywords: Eastern Stavropol region, concealed paleochannel deposits, Paleolithic bottomglade, Paleolithic fleet, littoral deposits, reconnaissance explorations, geological methods, complex of geophysical, geochemical and drilling studies. Р. 25-28


УДК 550.835:528 Glinskiy N.A. (Geologorazvedka) // g.n.48@yandex.ru Mats N.A. (Geologorazvedka) // nmats51@mail.ru Pastor S.V. (Geologorazvedka) // s.pastor@geolraz.com AEROGEOFIZIKA: EXPERIENCE AND THE TREND OF DEVELOPMENT The general information about formation and development of aerogeophysical works for the geological study and the searches for the layers of minerals are given. Are examined the basic methods of aerial surveys, their formation and development in the Russian and world practice. The analysis of the state of the equipment and technical support of aerogeophysical works, trend of development of comprehensive aerogeophysical studies is given. The determining role of Russian specialists and scientists in the formation of this direction is shown. Are given the outlines of the future development of aerogeophysical methods in us in the country and peace on the base of unmanned flying vehicles. Keywords: aerogeophysical method, magnetic prospecting, electrical prospecting, gamma-spektrometriya, gravitational prospecting, navigation, flight vehicle. Р. 29-36
УДК (550.83/553.81)+553.3.041 Timofeeva I.K. (Geologorazvedka) // i_k_timofeeva@mail.ru ALLOCATION OF THE PERSPECTIVE AREAS ON DIAMONDS WITHIN THE SOUTHERN PART OF THE VOLSK AND VYMSKY RIDGE (SHEET R-39-V) ON THE COMPLEX OF GEOPHYSICAL DATA On the basis of materials of geophysical bases scale 1: 200 000 for the sheet P-39-V and its surroundings was carried out a comprehensive analysis of geological and geophysical data in order to localize the areas, per-promising for diamonds in the southern part of the Wolski-Vymsky ridge. For the forecast constructions materials of geophysical bases were supplemented by targeted transformants, a digital model of the terrain. Keywords: geophysical base, criteria of diamonds, geophysical criteriа of localization areas diamondiferous magmatism. Р. 36-43


УДК 330.15 Tahanova S.S. (Department of Geology and licensing in the Republic of Buryatia, The Department of mineral resources in the Central Siberian district) // s.tahanova@mail.ru TO THE QUESTION OF EFFICIENCY OF USE OF MINERAL WATERS AND THERAPEUTIC MUDS OF BURYATIA The article deals with the problems of geological study, exploration, extraction and use of mineral waters and therapeutic mud. Characterized by the mineral resource database the mineral resources of the Republic of Buryatia. Marked difficulties in organization of sanatorium-resort activities in Buryatia. Analyzed problems of enforcement in the regulation of relations in sphere of granting of the right to use subsoil for geological study, exploration and extraction of mineral waters. The proposal for the development of sanatorium-resort industry of economy of Buryatia. Keywords: mineral water, therapeutic mud, field, study rational and comprehensive utilization of mineral resources. Р. 43-46


УДК 550.82:622.24 Arsentev Yu.A. (MGRI-RGGRU) // arsentev1956@yandex.ru Lkhagvazhav B. (MGRI-RGGRU) // lbokhtsoog@outbook.com Khvorostovskiy I.S. (MGRI-RGGRU) Khvorostovskiy S.S. (MGRI-RGGRU) PIPE-DRIVING DRILLING SYSTEM DIAGRAM IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE ONSHORE TRANSPORTATION OF CORE SAMPLES AND EQUATIONS OF UPWARD VELOCITY OF CUTTINGS FOLLOWED DRILLING FLUIDS The advantages of pipe-driving drilling technology combined with using drilling fuilds to transport core samples via double tube core barrel for onshore wells with sloughing formations are analyzed. Equations for calculating the upward velocity of core samples based on the flow rate of fluid are also recommended. The reliability of the equations has been validated by experimental results. Keywords: pipe-driving drilling, core samples transportation, double tube core barrel, drilling mudflow. Р. 47-51
УДК 550.822.7:622.24(075.8) Plavskiy D.N. (Geologorazvedka) // geo@geolraz.com Zelenin A.P. (Plant of drilling equipment, Orenburg) // zelenin@gmail.com STATE AND MAIN DIRECTIONS OF INCREASE OF EFFICIENCY OF CORING EXPLORATION DRILLING FOR SOLID MINERALS The article presents the results of the analysis and evaluation of the prospects for widespread introduction of modern import-substituting drilling equipment and tools designed for drilling boreholes for solid minerals. Given the proposals for a comprehensive introduction of new equipment in factory production and exploration. Keywords: modernization, development, import substitution, exploration equipment, machinery and technology, domestic production. Р. 51-56


УДК 553.044:004.99 Budarina T.V. (VNIGRIugol) // budarina.tv@mail.ru Vasilev V.V. (VNIGRIugol) // vsevlad@front.ru Filatova E.S. (VNIGRIugol) // files74@mail.ru INFORMATIONAL-ANALYTICAL REGISTRATION SYSTEM OF PROGNOSTIC COAL RESOURCES OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION There are considered changes in the system of registration of prognostic resources of coals with in last years. The informational-analytical registration system of prognostic resources of coals in described, allowing to observe in monitoring mode changes and movement of prognostic resources of coals by results of geological-prospecting works. Keywords: prognostic resources, coal, informational-analytical system, register, GIS-project, database. Р.


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