CONTENTS № 3/2017


УДК 55. 061.2 Orlov V.P. (ROSGEO) // rosgeo@yandex.ru Golikov S.I. (ROSGEO) // rosgeo@yandex.ru Volfson I.F. (ROSGEO) // rosgeo@yandex.ru Oganesyan L.V. (ROSGEO) // oganesian@alliance-gr.com Farrakhov E.G. (ROSGEO) // rosgeo@yandex.ru ROSGEO – 25 YEARS February 2017 Russian Geological Society (ROSGEO) accomplished 25 as well as the beginning of mass geological community movement of Russia accomplished 60. ROSGEO is one of the most successful and authoritative professional organizations of the country. Since the beginning of its activity ROSGEO was called to defend the rights and the interests of geologists of Russia, to promote and introduce new perspective directions into geological science and practice as well as create regulatory basis of geological branch during commercializing period. ROSGEO became an organizational body from which bowels the first formulations issued of basic documents and solutions called to define strategic targets and tasks of development of geological branch on short-term as well as on long-time perspective. Keywords: Russian Geological Society, professional organization, geological science and practice, regulatory basis. Р. 3-6
УДК 55.553.041 Germahanov A.A. (Department of Mineral Resources of the Siberian Federal District) // Kemerovo@rosnedra.gov.ru Zaytsev A.I. (Department of Mineral Resources of the Siberian Federal District) // altay@ rosnedra.gov.ru Isakov A.V. (Department of Mineral Resources of the Siberian Federal District) // sib@ rosnedra.gov.ru Kudirmekov A.A. (Department of Mineral Resources of the Siberian Federal District) // ranedra@ rosnedra.gov.ru Maksimov A.P. (Department of Mineral Resources of the Siberian Federal District) // omsk@ rosnedra.gov.ru THE MINERAL RESOURCES BASE OF THE REPUBLIC OF ALTAI, ALTAI TERRITORY, KEMEROVO, NOVOSIBIRSK AND OMSK REGIONS In the article the characteristic of modern state and main directions of development of mineral-raw base of the Russian Federation subjects in the sphere of activities of the Department of mineral resources in the Siberian Federal district. Keywords: mineral resources base, Republic of Altai, Altai territory, Kemerovo, Novosibirsk and Omsk regions, stone and brown coal, metal ores, underground water. Р. 7-17
УДК 553.495(571.61/64) Van-Van-E A.P. (FGBUN IGD OF THE FEB RAS) // ems@igd.khv.ru SOURCES AND THE PROSPECTS OF DEVELOPMENT OF URANIUM-ORE RAW MATERIALS IN THE FAR EAST REGION The main geological and industrial types of the uranium mineralization revealed for more than 35-year period of searches and investigation of uranium in various geostructural zones of the Far East region are characterized. In total eight types of uranium-ore fields are allocated; their short geological and structural and material characteristic is provided. Keywords: uranium, fields, geological and industrial types, morphology of ore bodies, structures, metasomatism. Р. 17-22
УДК553.493+553.495(571.5)+550.93 Chesnokov L.V. (VIMS) // vims@df.ru THE SELECTION OF BLOCKS WITH DIFFERENT MINERALIZATION GRADE IN PRECAMBRIAN BASEMENT OF THE SOUTH-WEST FRAMING OF SIBERIAN CRATON Study of petro-radio-geochemical materials, data of the behavior of rare-earth elements and of isotope-geochronological analysis of magmatic and various-degree metamorphosed stratified complexes of Early Precambrian basement in the southwest framing of Siberian craton allows to propose a heterogeneous structure of the basement and to outline the blocks with a different mineralization grade. Keywords: Siberian craton, rare-earth elements, uranium mineralization, tectonic block, absolute age. Р. 22-29
УДК 553.41 Buchko I.V. (Institute of Geology and Nature Management of the FEB RAS (IGNM), Amur state University) // inna@ascnet.ru Dementienko A.I. (Institute of Geology and Nature Management of the FEB RAS (IGNM), Amur state University) // anatoliye@mail.ru Baturin S.G. (Institute of Geology and Nature Management of the FEB RAS (IGNM)) Zaika V.A. (Institute of Geology and Nature Management of the FEB RAS (IGNM)) // zaika_v_a_88@mail.ru ESTIMATION OF THE PERSPECTIVE OF THE TARAKON POTENTIALLY GOLD ORE UNIT IN THE SOUTH-MONGOLIAN-KHINGAN OROGENIC BELT Considered the estimation of the perspective of the Tarakon potentially gold ore unit is reviewed. Original and the available data suggest the presence within this unit the native gold ore deposit of the gold-silver type. Keywords: South-Mongolian-Khingan orogenic belt, Mesozoic volcanic and volcano-plutonic belts, gold deposit, gold-silver type. Р. 29-32


УДК [624.131.1+624.131.551]575.1 Tadjibaeva N.R. (National University of Uzbekistan) // nadira.ruzievna@mail.ru Abdullaev B.D. (SE «Institute GIDROINGEO») // botir@mail.ru Shermatov M.Sh. (Institute of Seismology) // tashkent@seismo.org.uz Husammidinov A.S. (Institute of Seismology) // tashkent@seismo.org.uz REGIONAL ENGINEERING GEOLOGICAL FEATURES OF SEISMIC INTENSITI IN THE EPICENTRAL AREAS OF STRONG EARTHQUAKE OF UZBEKISTAN The article deals with regional engineering and geological features of the manifestation of seismic intensity in the epicentral zones of strong earthquakes the Eastern and Western Uzbekistan. Refinements were made factors on the basis of the analysis of seismotectonic, seismic, geotechnical, macroseismic data. Keywords: seysmogeodinamichnost, epicentral zones, seismicity, earthquake foci, the amplitude of neotectonic movements, geotechnical conditions, engineering of seismic conditions, seismic intensity. Р. 32-39
УДК 553.461 Karaseva N.B. (Geologorazvedka) // karnat-09@mail.ru Leonchikov V.M. (Geologorazvedka) // vml46@mail.ru Golubev A.M. (Geologorazvedka) Shuval-Sergeev V.N. (Geologorazvedka) // Vshuval-sergeev@yandex.ru NEW POSSIBILITIES OF APPLICATION OF GEOPHYSICAL METHODS IN THE SEARCH FOR CHROMITE IN THE POLAR URALS The article deals with new information parameter for identifying and mapping areas of chromite mineralization at surface prospecting in ultramafic massif – the angle of inclination of the total magnetic field gradient vector module in conjunction with electric tomography method to modify three-electrode sensing. Keywords: chrome ore, magneticgradiometers, electric tomography. Р. 39-42


УДК 550.83:551.15 Voleysho V.O. (VSEGINGEO) THE MAIN PROBLEMS OIL AND GAS FIELD HYDROGEOLOGY Basic problems of the oil and gas-producing hydrogeology, connected with watering of deposits under development are discussed. There are preplanned the high-priority actions for their solution. Theoretical and practical principles of a new technology for development of hydrocarbonic deposits, based on over-roof watering, are described. There is presented a hypothesis saying in favor of non-regenerability of oil deposits resources. Keywords: oil, development, deposit, hydrogeology, strain. Р. 42-44


УДК 502.52 Chan Thi Long An (Gubkin Russian State University of oil and gas) // longan2210@gmail.com Meshcheryakov S.V. (Gubkin Russian State University of oil and gas) // stas@gubkin.ru Sidorenko D.O. (Gubkin Russian State University of oil and gas) // ormr66@yandex.ru Ngo Thyu Fyuong (The Petrovietnam Research and Development Center for Petroleum Processing (PVPro) – Vietnam Petroleum Institute, Vietnam) // phuongngo.pvpro@vpi.pvn.vn OPTIMIZATION OF TECHNOLOGICAL MODE FOR NEUTRALIZATION OILY SLUDGE IN THE DUNG QUAT REFINERY The article includes technology for the treatment of petroleum oily sludge, produced in the «Dung Quat» refinery. The technology is mainly based on the encapsulation by chemical reagents. The product of oily sludge treatment is used in road construction. The oily sludge characteristics are analyzed, the curable composition is developed, the optimized technology and recipe to make asphalt concrete using the product from oily sludge treatment, as well as criteria for evaluating the product are found. Keywords: petroleum oily sludge, reagent encapsulation, chemical encapsulation, recycling, disposal, asphalt concrete, mineral powder, filler. Р. 45-50


УДК 553.04+338.53:553.048[100] Egorova I.V. (VIMS) // egorova@vims-geo.ru PROSPECTS OF THE WORLD’S MINERAL AND RAW MATERIAL BASE The prospects of increasing production leading solid minerals in the world, taking into account new deposits development in the face of declining world commodity prices. It has been shown that although many of the projects are unprofitable and be suspended, reduced mineral extraction is not expected. The prospects of increasing production leading solid minerals in the world, taking into account the projects of of new deposits in the face of declining world commodity prices. It is shown that although many projects become uneconomic and suspended, reduced mineral extraction will not occur. Keywords: mineral and raw material, new deposits development project, commodity prices. Р. 50-55
УДК 553.04 Kulagina N.A. (Bryansk state technical University) // kulaginana2013@yandex.ru Dadykin V.S. (Bryansk state technical University) // dadykin88@bk.ru Dadykina O.V. (Bryansk state technical University) // atamanova_281287@mail.ru SETTING GOALS AND OBJECTIVES GEOLOGICAL-ECONOMIC MONITORING IN THE SYSTEM OF ECONOMIC SECURITY OF THE REGION The purpose of this article is to analyze the reasons for the formation of geological-economic monitoring, to determine its goals and objectives in the system of economic security of the region. Keywords: geological and economic monitoring, mineral resources, natural resources, economic security. Р. 55-59


УДК 504 Alikin E.A. (Perm state national research university) // hydrogeologypsu@gmail.com PRINCIPLES OF RELIABILITY ASSESSMENT OF OPERATIONAL CAPACITY DEEP AQUIFERS The factors that determine the complexity of the study of the filter model of the future operation of landfills of hazardous liquid waste are described in this article. The possibility of reliable assessment of the operational capacity of the reservoir on the tenth the initial period of operation of the landfill was proved by original expert calculations. The feasibility of replacing the exploration stage to the pilot operation for the third group of polygons complexity is argued. It is proposed the correlation between the stages of exploration work and the categories of reliability of predictive capacity and operational capacity of the reservoir. Keywords: operational capacity, burial ground, reliability category. Р.


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