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УДК 553.041: 551.14 (470.324) Boyko P.S. (Centernedra) // voronezh@rosnedra.gov.ru DEVELOPMENT OF MINERAL RESOURCES OF REGIONS WITH COMPLEX STRUCTURE OF THE LITHOSPHERE (ON THE EXAMPLE OF THE VORONEZH REGION) Voronezh region subsoil successfully combines the basement of the East European platform – Voronezh Cristalline Massif, which is located close to the surface and the rich minerals of the sedimentary cover. VCM is also quite mineragenous potential, but to date is not used to the full. Involvment in the elaboration of VCM is able to make a significant contribution to the economic extension of the Voronezh region but also the entire Central part of European Russia. Keywords: minerageny; precambrian, VCM, Khopersky megablock, Voronezh region. Р. 3-8
УДК 553.411 (571.61) Stepanov V.A. (RGC FEB RAS) // vitstepanov@yandex.ru Melnikov A.B. (FEGI FEB RAS) // anton_amur@mail.ru ABOUT PRODUCTIVITY ORE-PLACER KNOTS PRIAMURSKY AURIFEROUS PROVINCE With auriferous Priamursky province allocated high, medium and low productive ore-placer nodes. It is shown that a natural confinement of high and medium productive units to metallogenic zones central part of the province, and low productivity to the peripheral. The priority objects for geological exploration of gold ore area offers a highly productive ore-placer nodes. Keywords: ore-placer node, province, deposit, placer, gold. Р. 8-16
УДК 550.424.6 Krinochkina O.K. (Moscow state construction university) // vdovinaok@mail.ru Lavrusevich A.A. (Moscow state construction university) // lavrusevich@yandex.ru DEVELOPMENT OF TECHNOGENIC AND NATURAL ABNORMAL GEOCHEMICAL FIELDS AND ITS HALLMARKS The article describes the conditions of appearance of technogenic and natural abnormal geochemical fields. Some criteria for their differentiation on the basis of field observations and processing of geochemical data using mathematical statistics methods and modern GIS technologies are substantiated. Keywords: abnormal geochemical fields, criteria of differentiation, ore mining complex, statistical methods, deposits, zone of influence. Р. 16-19
УДК 552.45 Kabanova L.Ya. (Institute of mineralogy of the Ural division of RAS) // kablar@mineralogy.ru Anfilogov V.N. (Institute of mineralogy of the Ural division of RAS) // anfilogov@mineralogy.ru Igumentseva M.A. (Institute of mineralogy of the Ural division of RAS) // maria@mineralogy.ru RESULTS OF PETROGRAPHY INVESTIGATION OF QUARTZITES OF RIDGE ALABIYA AS POSSIBLE SOURCE OF QUARTZ RAW MATERIALS The results of petrography investigation of quartzite of the ridge Alabiya (South Urals) are represented. This quartzite can be inspected as a raw material for uncombined quartz glass production. There are three petrographic types of quartzite on this ridge: massive mica quartzite, banded mica quartzite and monoquartzite. Monoquatzite is recommended as a raw material for uncombined quartz glass production. Key words: quartzite, petrography, quartz glass. Р. 19-25
УДК 549.08 Ozhogina E.G. (VIMS) // ozhogina@mail.ru Yakushina O.A. (VIMS) // yak_oa@mail.ru MINERALOGICAL SCHOOL – «ACTUAL PROBLEMS AND CONTEMPORARY METHODS OF APPLIED MINERALOGY» The workshop «Mineralogical School» is a training tool, a platform that enables scientists, researchers and professionals to exchange views, share experiences, gain knowledge, learn new things that one can use in practical work. The role and importance of mineralogical and analytical testing methods for exploration work support on researching mineral resources, their methodological and metrological assurance are discussed. Keywords: seminar, training, continuous education knowledge upgrading, mineralogy, laboratory methods, mineralogy research methods study. Р. 25-28


УДК550.83:550.814 Ignatev V.I. (Geologorazvedka) // info@geolraz.com Tsirel V.S. (Geologorazvedka) // info@geolraz.com THE EQUIPMENT FOR GEOLOGICAL PROSPECTING – THE ROLE OF FGUNPP «GEOLOGORAZVEDKA» The history of development and modern situation of equipment for geological prospecting, mainly geophysical equipment, is described in the paper. The role of FSUE «Geologorazvedka» in that process starting with the foundation of the same-name factory (in 1931) up to present days is estimated. The information about currently manufacturing equipment for magnetic, seismic, radiometry survey along with devices for physical properties of rocks study is given in the paper. In plans for further development new equipment for gravity survey and electrical prospecting is presented. Keywords: geophysical equipment, magnetometer, radiometer, kappameter, magnetic susceptibility meter, sparker seismic source, high resolution seismic. Р. 28-33


УДК. 556.3:551.7/8 Baron V.A. (VSEGINGEO) // zgerka@rambler.ru GENERAL HYDROGEOLOGICAL ZONING AND STRATIFICATION OF THE CROSS-SECTION The characteristics of the general hydrogeological zoning of the RF territory and the subsequent ways of its actualization are described in the paper. There is indicated the necessity to complete the works on compilation of serial legends to the State hydrogeological maps on the scale of 1:200 000 and 1:1000 000 for hydrogeological structures of the second order. Keywords: groundwater, small-scaled hydrogeological mapping, general hydrogeological zoning, stratification of hydrogeological cross-section. Р. 33-38


УДК 622.271.622:(622.725:539.16) Shvabenland E.Е. (VIMS) // e.schwabenland@mail.ru APPLICATION OF LAYER-BY-LAYER-PORTION-MINING TECHNOLOGY ORE USING A MILLING CUTTER IN A RATIONAL AND COMPREHENSIVE SUBSOIL USE For example complex structure apatite deposit calculations have shown that the technology layer-by-layer-portion of the ore and method of dividing flow of the rock mass on the basis of radiometric rapid method allows to increase the completeness of extraction of minerals from subsoil to reduce losses and dilution of extracted raw materials, to improve working conditions, significantly reduce the harmful effects of mining operations on the environment and reduce operating costs of mining. Keywords: apatite, complex structural deposit, open pit mine, surface miner, dilution, ore losses during extraction, the increase in the extraction of, x-ray radiometric sorting. Р.
УДК 622.233.4/.7 Spirin V.I. (TulaNIGP) // nigp-tula@mail.ru Budyukov Yu.E. (TulaNIGP) // nigp-tula@mail.ru Solovyev N.V. (MGRI-RGGRU) // nvs@mgri-rggru.ru Kasenov A.K. (KazNITU) // kassenov07@inbox.ru Moldabekov M.S. (KazNITU) // moldabekov_ms@mail.ru IMPROVEMENT THE TECHNOLOGY OF DRILLING OUT GEOTECHNICAL BOREHOLES Applied technologies have been analyzed ont geotechnical drilling wells. Recommended technology for the prevention and elimation of complications. Proposed technical solutions to improve the gnaliti and performance of drilling works. Keywords: technology, complications, wear, borchole, drilling, drilling mud, drill pipe. Р. 43-45


УДК 553.04:553.447(100) Tokar O.V. (VIMS) // tokar@vims-geo.ru THE GLOBAL ZINC MINE PRODUCTION AND ITS FORECAST BASED ON THE RESERVES AND RESOURCES OF THE OPERATING MINES AND THE ZINC DEPOSITS BEING DEVELOPED The problem of providing the zinc sub-industry with raw materials is considered, and the perspectives of the world zinc mine production on reserves and resources base of the operating mines and the zinc deposits being developed now is estimated. The brief information on the real and scheduled zinc production at the main deposits of key-producing countries is submitted. The world zinc production forecast up to 2030 based on the possible dynamics at the zinc producing countries is given. Keywords: zinc; production; raw material shortage; deposits development; reserves; resources; forecast. Р. 46-51


УДК 553.69 Bondareva G.L. (Kavminkurortresurs) // bondarevagl@kavminkr.ru Derkacheva M.G. (Kavminkurortresurs) // derkachevamg@kavminkr.ru FORMATION CONDITIONS, THE CURRENT STATE AND ACTION FOR PRESERVATION OF THE FIELD OF THERAPEUTIC MUD OF THE LAKE BIG TAMBUKAN Data on formation conditions, genesis of therapeutic mud and features of the water-salt mode of the field of the lake Big Tambukan are provided. The existing environmental problems of the lake are considered, and paths of their solution are proposed. Keywords: the lake Big Tambukan, therapeutic mud, formation, ecological problem. Р.


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