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УДК 551.243(571.56) Fridovskiy V.Yu. (Diamond and precious metal geology institute, Siberian Branch, RAS, North-Eastern federal university) // 710933@list.ru Polufuntikova L.I. (North-Eastern federal university, Diamond and precious metal geology institute, Siberian Branch, RAS) // pli07@list.ru Gamyanin G.N. (Institute of Geology of Ore Deposits, Petrography, Mineralogy and Geochemistry, RAS), North-Eastern federal university, Diamond and precious metal geology institute, Siberian Branch, RAS) // gamgen@mail.ru Soloviev E.E. (North-Eastern federal university) // solov_@rambler.ru ОROGENIC GOLD DEPOSITS WITH SIGNIFICANT RESOURCE POTENTIAL OF CENTRAL PART OF THE YANA-KOLYMA BELT The results of integrated geologic-structural, lithologic-geochemical, mineralogic exploration of gold deposits of the Taryn ore cluster, located in central part of the Yana-Kolyma belt are given. Ore-bearing rocks were formed in the environment of passive continental margin, in unstable conditions, in the basin with strongly marked redox conditions. Systems of concordant thrusts and transverse faults, closely associated with them are the major ore-controlling structures. Several types of mineralization are manifested (from early to later ones): orogenic (metamorphogenic-hydrothermal, gold-quartz low-sulfide, gold-bismuth) and post-accretional (berthierite-antimonite and silver-antimony). Connection between mineral types of mineralization and stages of geodynamic development of the area is found. Key words: structural analysis, deformations, ore zones, mineral associations, mineralization stages, localization conditions, recycling, redox conditions, Triassic, East Р. 3-9
УДК 551.736(571.56) Kutygin R.V. (Institute of Geology of diamond and noble metals, Siberian branch of RAS, North-Eastern federal university) // rkutygin@mail.ru Rozhin S.S. (North-Eastern federal university) // rssgrf@rambler.ru THE STAGES AND EVENTS IN DEVELOPMENT OF BIOTAS IN THE VERKHOYANSK BASIN OF THE PERMIAN PERIOD The basic features of biotic development of the Verkhoyansk basin in the Permian period are considered. 12 stages are allocated, each of which is characterized by development of communities with the special taxonomical structure a fauna and plants. Was found out, that the periods of the maximal variety of invertebrates had on initial intervals of large transgressions of the sea, whereas the crises of marine biotas were connected to peaks of regressions. Four brightest biological events are dated for boundaries of horizons: Khorokytian, Echyan, Tumarinian and Dulgalakhian. These events are well fixed in sections and allow to discharge exact intra- and interregional correlation of the Permian adjournment. Key words: The Permian period, biota, ammonoids, bivalves, brachiopods, transgression, regression, Verkhoyansk Region. Р. 9-12
УДК 551.251 Pulyaev N.A. (North-Eastern federal university) // pna-grf@mail.ru Ursu I.I. (North-Eastern federal university) // vanya.ursu@bk.ru MANIFESTATION OF THE PROCESS OF RETROGRADE METAMORPHISM IN THE BAND BECOMES STRUCTURAL SUTURE It is presents the results of the study to identify and limit becomes a structural suture areas manifestations of retrograde metamorphism and its products – diaphthorites. The connection with the manifestations of gold ore diaphthorites. Key words: Aldan-Stanovoi shield, diaphthorites, structural suture, retrograde metamorphism. Р. 12-13
УДК 528.85 Kut A.A. (Melnikov Permafrost Institute SB RAS, North-Eastern Federal University) // ankaurban@mail.ru Chzhan T.R. (North-Eastern Federal University) // tashachzhan@yandex.ru Gurinova S.A. (North-Eastern Federal University, Melnikov Permafrost Institute SB RAS) // gsa..95@mail.ru SPATIAL ANALYZE OF DUNE (TUKULAN) DISTRIBUTION IN CENTRAL YAKUTIA It is presents dune distribution regularities within Central Yakutia. The results of carried-out remote mapping became a basis for vegetated and non-vegetated covered dune distribution scheme. Key words: dunes, spatial analyze, tukulan distribution scheme. P. 13-17


УДК 553.98 Berzin A.G. (North-Easterm federal university) // a_berzin@mail.ru Illarionovа M.G. (North-Easterm federal university) // millariono@mail.ru Ivanov I.C. (Surgutneftegaz) // kss90@mail.ru Marsanova M.R. (Yakutskgeofisica) // marigotov@mail.ru Berzin C.A. (Geco-Prakla, Schlumberger Ltd.) // sberzin@hotmail.com GEOLOGICAL AND GEOPHYSICAL BACKGROUND UNIQUE OIL AND GAS POTENTIAL SUB FUNDAMENTAL FORMATIONS OF NEPA-PELEDUY ARCHBEND Built from geologo-geophysical data and the model of deep structure of the earth’s crust is examined on a type through side part of Nepa-Peleduy archbend of Nepa-Botuoba anticlise and adjoining western segment of Predpatom bending on the south-west of Yakutiy. Aulacogens argued the nature of the base set, the possibility of expanding its borders and suture character interface with the Baikal-Patom fold region. Formal presence bits are set in the model of structural elements of super pool. Possibilities of opening in the sub fundamental deposits of large oil-and-gas bearing pool are estimated. Key words: the model of deep structure, Nepa-Peleduy archbend, Predpatom bending, subfundamental deposits, oil-and-gas. Р. 17-22
УДК 550.837:551.345:537 Nim Yu.A. (North-Eastern federal university) // Gmpirmpi@mail.ru Romanova L.P. (North-Eastern federal university) // Lu.romanova95@mail.ru Illarionova M.G. (North-Eastern federal university) // Millariono@mail.ru NUMERICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL FORMATION OF MATHEMATICAL MODELS OF UNSTEADY ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD OF STEEPLY DIPPING THIN CONDUCTIVE LAYER Review the mathematical models of transient electromagnetic field of the horizontal electrically conductive layer excited by a horizontal magnetic dipole, on the basis of which the method of images and numerical experiments construct new mathematical model describing the unsteady electromagnetic field of steeply dipping thin conductive layer excited by a vertical magnetic dipole – analytical description of technology of electric profiling by the metdod of transient processes provided mainly by physical modeling. The results of mathematical modeling correspond to theoretical basis of method, data of physical experiments and theory of «related» technologies – modification of the dipole electromagnetic profiling. Key words: unsteady electromagnetic field, mathematical model, numerical simulation, steep seams, method of images. Р. 22-27
УДК 550.837:551.345.537 Nim Yu.A. (North-Eastern federal university) // gmpirmpi@mail.ru Andreeva S.A. (North-Eastern federal university) // andreeva_90@mail.ru THE ELEMENTS OF THE THEORY OF IMPULSE GROUND-PENETRATING RADAR The main task of ground-penetrating radar (GPR) of dielectric layer at its activation by horizontal magnetic dipole in impulse mode is discussed. The electromagnetic field is expressed in elementary functions by which parameters of dielectric layer are determined with sufficient accuracy for practical purposes. Key words: ground-penetrating radar, electromagnetic field, dielectric layer, sounding. Р. 27-29


УДК 622.276 Popov V.V. (North-Eastern federal university) // pvv791011@mail.ru Nikolaeva M.V. (North-Eastern federal university) // mnikolaeva1990@gmail.com Berdyev S.S. (North-Eastern federal university) // sidbersan@gmail.ru Tugi E.R. (North-Eastern federal university) // tugi@yandex.ru Vyrdylin I.I. (North-Eastern federal university) // vanyavyrdylin@mail.ru CHANGE CAPACITY AND FILTRATION PROPERTIES OF CARBONATE RESERVOIRS IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF OIL – IMPACT ON THE SIMULATION RESULTS. EXPERIMENTAL STUDIES Changing of reservoir and filtration characteristics (porosity and permeability) due to reservoir pressure changing is considered. An estimation of influence of the changing on results of simulation of petroleum reservoir development is carried out of a simplified two-layer model. The changing rate of porosity and permeability reaches in the experiments 3 % and 12 % correspondingly. Key words: porosity, permeability, carbonate reservoirs, compressibility, piezoconductivity, water cut. Р. 29-33


УДК 622.283 Iudin M.M. (North-Easterm federal university) // mmi_52@mail.ru FORECAST STRESS STATE OF FROZEN ROCK MASSIF GORNORAZVEDOCHNOY AROUND DEVELOPMENT IN VIEW OF PLASTIC DEFORMATION Considered and solved the problem of the forecast of the stress-strain state of frozen rocks, taking into account the transition zone of thawing through a zone of plastic deformation. Key words: massif of rocks, frozen condition, plastic deformation, a zone thawing, stress – deformed condition. Р. 34-35
УДК 622.692.4 Nikolaeva M.V. (North-Eastern federal university) // mnikolaeva1990@gmail.com Berdyev S.S. (North-Eastern federal university) // sidbersan@gmail.ru Popov V.V. (North-Eastern federal university) // pvv791011@mail.ru Ivanov A.V. (North-Eastern federal university) // av_ivanov1@mail.ru Kapitonova T.A. (Institute of Physical and Technical Problems of the North) // kapitonova@iptpn.ysn.ru Struchkova G.P. (Institute of Physical and Technical Problems of the North) // kapitonova@iptpn.ysn.ru ANALYSIS OF MODELS OF FORCE INTERACTION OF UNDERGROUND PIPELINE TO THE SURROUNDING SOIL The article provides an analysis of patterns of force interaction of underground pipeline to the surrounding soil, choose the best model for evaluating the stress-strain state. The finite element method calculated the stress-strain state of the pipeline section on this line. Key words: main pipeline, the stress-strain state, the resistance of the soil, the finite element method. Р. 35-38
УДК 622.24 Timofeev N.G. (North-Eastern federal university) // Yakutsk_09@mail.ru Skryabin R.M. (North-Eastern federal university) // Yakutsk_09@mail.ru Argunov B.V. (North-Eastern federal university) // argunovb@mail.ru ABOUT MODERNIZATION AUGER-DRILL ACCUMULATE LARGE DIAMETER At investigation of loose mineral deposits in the conditions of a kriolitozona the considerable volume of a construction of prospecting holes is carried out. In this area, an actual scientific and technical task is replacement of technology of a shurfoprokhodka with drilling operations (shurfoskvazhina) with simultaneous decrease in prime cost and increase of effectiveness of drilling шурфоскважин on bouldery and pebble deposits. Noted problem can be solved by perfecting of a design of the developed shneko-heat-sink boring shell. Key words: auger-accumulating drill, pit well, permafrost. Р. 38-41
УДК 622.24.051.57 Atlasov R.A. (North-Easterm federal university, IPNG SB RAS) // atlasov.rinat@mail.ru Scryabin R.M. (North-Easterm federal university) // yakutsk_09@mail.ru Ivanov A.G. (North-Easterm federal university) // iag-sakha@mail.ru Leverev S.A. (North-Easterm federal university) // ndsvfu@mail.ru DEVELOPMENT CONSTRUCTIVE AND TECHNOLOGICAL PARAMETERS TEMPLATE CALIBRATOR In this paper we consider the developed in the NEFU name of M.K. Ammosova template Calibrator – UM 147344. Similar in design, different variations of the caliber of the borehole drillers devices are used throughout the country. This device allows you to combine the process of elaboration and shablonirovki wellbore. With the same diameter that goes down the casing string, the pattern is fixed above the calibrator bit sub as part of the BHA. In addition elaboration wellbore casing before lowering the device is applicable in exploring the wellbore prior to well logging, testing a formation drill pipe as well as drilling. Key words: calibrator extension borehole, design of the walls borehole, BHA, drilling mode. Р. 41-43
УДК 622.245.422.4 Berdyev S.S. (North-Easterm federal university) // sidbersan@gmail.com Ivanov A.G. (North-Easterm federal university) // iag-sakha@mail.ru Tarasov D.M. (North-Easterm federal university) Skryabin R.M. (North-Easterm federal university) // Yakutsk_09@mail.ru Tugi E.R. (North-Easterm federal university) // Yakutsk_09@mail.ru ABOUT INSTABILITY OF SLURRIES AFTER HYDRATION IN CONDITION OF PERMAFROST In modern drilling practice, one of the main roles played by cementing. High-quality mortar, fast setting time, short waiting time on cement – the key to the successful construction of the well. However, as at any phase of well construction, mounting phase is accompanied by various complications. One such complication is the reduction in strength after cement hydration. This is especially true for the northern regions of the country, where widespread permafrost. Key words: permafrost, cementation, hydration, cement slurry, antifreeze. Р. 43-45


УДК 622.24.063.2 Ivanov A.G. (North-Eastern federal university) // iag-sakha@mail.ru Scryabin R.M. (North-Eastern federal university) // Yakutsk_09@mail.ru Berdyev S.S. (North-Eastern federal university) // sidbersan@gmail.com Atlasov R.A. (North-Eastern federal university) // atlasov.rinat@mail.ru Nikolaeva M.V. (North-Eastern federal university) // mnikolaeva1990@gmail.com Atlasov A.E. (North-Eastern federal university) // atlasov.aial@gmail.com PROSPECTS OF USE OF THE COMBINED REAGENT ON THE BASIS OF TALL PITCH IN THE COMPLICATED CONDITIONS Results of use of the combined reagent on the basis of tall pitch are given. The majority of the complications and accidents arising when drilling in the complicated conditions, anyway, is connected with the applied boring solution. Bad cleaning of a trunk of a well, holding straps of the boring tool, violation of stability of walls of a well, loss of circulation, complication during descent of the tool and other problems can be a consequence of discrepancy of boring solution to conditions of drilling. Key words: drilling fluid, drilling, well, tall pitch, oil, gas. Р. 45-47


УДК (550.46:504.54):622.371(571.56-16) Legostaeva Ya.B. (North-Easterm federal university) // Ylego@mail.ru Popov V.F. (North-Easterm federal university) // pvf_grf@rambler.ru Ksenofontova M.I. (North-Easterm federal university) // ksemaria@mail.ru Pestereva S.V. (North-Easterm federal university) // pestereva-sveta20@mail.ru HYDROCHEMICAL INDICATORS IN COMPONENTS OF TERRESTRIAL AND AQUATIC ECOSYSTEMS OF IRELYAKH OIL AND GAS FIELD The article presents the result of analyzing the composition of water-soluble salts in the major abiotic components of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems in Malo-Botyobinsky area. The impact of the cambrianaquiferous complex on the content and redistribution of major cations and anions in soils, sediments and surface of natural waters of the territory Irelyakhs gas and oil field. Key words: permafrost, cryolithozone, the sustainability landscapes, water-soluble salts, cations, anions. Р. 47-51
УДК 504.75.05:553.041 Rossman G.I. (VIMS) // nk.vims@yandex.ru Pikalova V.S. (VIMS) // vsp_87@mail.ru Koroleva N.L. (VIMS) // nk.vims@yandex.ru THE PROBLEM OF ECOLOGICAL-ECONOMIC EVALUATION OF HEALTH DAMAGE IN THE PREPARATION OF FEASIBILITY STUDY OF CONDITIONS AND DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS OF MINERAL DEPOSITS The necessity of including the ecological-economic evaluation of health damage of people living in the area affected by the object evaluation in to the «Guidelines for environmental project justification exploration standards for mineral raw materials» (Moscow, 1995) is explained in the article. Key words: feasibility study, solid minerals, health damage. Р.

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