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УДК 550.84:550.8 Spiridonov I.G. (IMGRE) // imgre@imgre.ru Alexeeva A.K. (IMGRE) // 1308kappa@mail.ru Pilitsyn A.G. (IMGRE) // allexpil@ya.ru Dobrosotskiy S.V. (IMGRE) // sergey-imgre@yandex.ru GEOLOGICAL AND GEOPHYSICAL TECHNOLOGY SPATIAL DETERMINE THE DEPTH DISCONTINUITIES OF THE GEOLOGICAL SECTION, FAVORABLE FOR THE LOCALIZATION OF HYDROCARBON DEPOSITS Based on the solution of direct and inverse problem of gravitational exploration created spatial geo-density model, consistent with seismic and geological data. On the main oil-bearing horizons, the zones of development of breeds with improved reservoir properties. Quantitative rating of the selected promising sites, was recommended for the geochemical survey. Developed rational complex geochemical methods, the approbation of the complex and developed geochemical criteria for the prediction of hydrocarbon deposits for the integration of geological and geophysical models. Key words: 3D modeling, geo-density model, the zone of decompression, gas fields, rational complex geochemical methods, hydrocarbon deposits. Р. 3-8
УДК 551.242.11.31:550.84 Kremenetskiy A.A. (IMGRE) // nauka@imgre.ru Morozov A.F. (Rosnedra) // amorozov@rosnedra.gov.ru Pilitsyn A.G.

(IMGRE) // allexpil@yandex.ru Beskin S.M. (IMGRE) // imgre@imgre.ru Polyakova T.N. (IMGRE) // imgre2010@yandex.ru Milshtein E.D. (VSEGEI) // Evgenia_Milshtein@vsegei.ru GEOCHEMICAL MAPPING OF CIRCUM-POLAR ARCTIC REGION: SCIENTIFIC PARADIGM, TECHNOLOGY, PRELIMINARY RESULTS The scientific basis for geochemical mapping of the Arctic Ocean floor and the coast is represented by a series of specialized schemes of zoning (including structural geomorphology, structure-matter complexes, potential fields, isotopic geochemistry and others) as well as petrologic and geological reconstruction of the Circum-polar Arctic earth crust evolution based on the model of «global magmatic ocean of the Earth» (V.S. Shkodzinckiy, 2014). These data and the analysis of the geochemical maps of the Russian Arctic polar sector compiled for the first time from the floor sediments and the rocks of the Arctic Ocean floor and the coast suggest that all structural-matter complexes of different age of the area under investigation developed on the crust of continental type. Continuous transition is shown of complexes of East European platform into Barents – Kara basin and complexes of Yana-Chukotka-Alaska region into Amerasian basin of the Arctic Ocean ,where Lomonosov Ridge and Mendeleev Rise are natural continuation of the continental part of Eurasia. Key word s: Arctic region, morphology structure analysis, geophysical, geological-petrologic and isotopic-geochemical research, geochemical mapping. Р. 8-21

УДК 553.09.350.41 Krinochkin L.A. (IMGRE) // imgre@imgre.ru GEOCHEMICAL CRITERIA FOR LOCATING HIGH-RESOURCE OIL AND GAS AREAS IN REGIONAL WORKS The distribution is studied of anomalous fields of adsorbed hydrocarbon gases and superimposed haloes of microelements in soils of oil and gas bearing areas. On the basis of revealed geochemical criteria, the technology to locate areas promising for finding large deposits of oil and gas was developed. The possibility of finding potential high-resource oil and gas bearing areas was substantiated in traditional regions of oil and gas extraction in the European areas of Russia. Key words: regional geochemical works, geochemical criteria, forecasting, oil and gas presence, adsorbed hydrocarbon gases. Р. 21-26
УДК 550.84:09+235.46 Domchak V.V. (AOME) // geoaome@mail.ru Ingovatov A.P. (AOME) EXPERIENCE OF PRACTICAL REALIZATION OF PRINCIPLE OF PROGRESSIVE APPROXIMATIONS IS IN STRUCTURE OF REGIONAL GEOCHEMICAL WORKS (ОГХР-200) Is consideted discusses ways to implement proven principle of successive approximations in the structure of regional geochemical (OGHR-200) in order to increase their geological and economic efficiency. Key words: regional geochemical prospecting, bottom sediments, localization rudoperspektivnyh anomalies taxonomic ranking detalizatsionnye-zaverochnye work retrospective reassessment rudoperspektivnosti. Р. 26-30
УДК 550.84: 523.21 Sokolov S.V. (VSEGEI) // sergey_sokolov@vsegei.ru Volodko S.A. (Region) // volodko1947@yandex.ru Yurchenko Yu.Yu. (VSEGEI) // Yuri_Yurchenko@vsegei.ru Prihodko E.F. (Concern «Nanoindustry») // gantimureu@gmail.com THE METHODICAL BASES OF INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY BY PREDICTIVE ASSESSMENT OF CLOSED AREAS BY A COMPLEX OF DISTANCE AND SURFACE GEOCHEMICAL METHODS AT THE STAGE OF THE REGIONAL GEOLOGICAL SURVEY The methodical base of innovative technology by the geochemical prediction of ore nodes and fields in regional geological surveys in closed areas are developed by the results of the research in the Far East. It’s consists of surface method for the sorption-saline halos – Method of analysis of the superfine fractions (MASF), and distance methods – Remote Sensing of minerals indicator of metasomatic halos (GZMI) and Remote Sensing of Nano geochemical anomalies in the atmospheric surface layer (GZNA). Key words: methods, Remote Sensing, Nano geochemical anomalies, method of analysis of the superfine fraction, closed areas, Pioneer-Pokrovskiy gold ore cluster.

Р. 30-37

УДК 550.4:552.31 Gushchin A.V. (IMGRE) // gusev@imgre.ru Gusev G.S. (IMGRE) // gusev@imgre.ru PROBLEMS OF VOLCANIC COMPLEXES GEOCHEMICAL SPECIALIZATION IN CONNECTION WITH REFERENCE GEODYNAMIC SETTINGS In addition to the lithophile, chalcophile and siderophile specialization it is offered to put into practice of regional geochemical work the factors of geodynamic, alkaline, ultramagnesian, potassic, agpaitic and plumasite specialization. Influence of these factors on trace elements concentrations, appreciation of background contents, interpretation of anomalous geochemical fields, diagnostic criteria of tectonic (geodynamic) environments becomes obvious. The possible varieties and grades of geochemical specialization categories, examples of positive and negative effects of these factors on the LILE, HFSE, REE, radioactive, siderophile and chalcophile elements are considered. The conclusions are based on a comparison of volcanic rocks petrogeochemical types from nonsubduction and subduction geodynamic environments. Key words: volcanic, geochemical specialization factors, alkaline, potassic, ultramagnesian, agpaitic, plumasite, geodynamic settings, minerageny. Р. 37-42
УДК 551.243:550.4.01:553.3 Grigorov S.А. (Huzhir Enterprise) // grigorovrim@mail.ru THE ROLE OF STRUCTURAL AND GEOCHEMICAL CRITERIA FOR LOCALIZATION OF ORE OBJECTS Efficient prospecting of ore deposits can be increased by structural and geochemical modeling of ore-forming hierarchical (aureole-forming) system. Relational taxons of the systemsare reflected as concentrically zoned and polar-zonal structure which allows reliably identify the unknown ore objects, without applyingexpensive geological and geophysical methods. Key words: geochemical prospecting, structure of geochemical field, concentric and polar geochemical zoning, aureole-forming system. Р. 42-47
УДК 553.981+553.982 Fursov V.Z. (IMGRE) // imgre@imgre.ru CHEMICAL ELEMENTS AND THEIR CONNECTIONS BY SEARCHES AND MAPPING OF THE OIL AND GAS AREAS Some questions of use of hydrocarbons for the practical purposes are given. Considered some problems are discussed of hydrocarbon use for practical purposes. Mercury halos of gas and oil fields are considered in different regions with the stress on their significance to delineate most promising areas in southern and northern regions with permafrost. Key words: oil, gas, prospecting, mapping, mercury halos, subsoil, atmosphere. Р. 47-51
УДК 543.062:546.59/92/98:546.08 Vaganov I.N. (BGGE «IMGRE») // bvfunt@rambler.ru Aleksashkina A.S. (BGGE «IMGRE») // bvfunt@rambler.ru NEW INTEGRATED AND SCINTILLATION METHODS USED IN BRONNITSKAYA GGE AT REGIONAL GEOCHEMICAL WORKS Integral-scintillation method was developed and implemented employee Bronnitskaya Geology and Geochemistry of the expedition in 2007 – Ph. D. V.N. Apoliticism. In integral-scintillation method using periodic accumulation of analytical spectral signals with time, this accumulation is > 0.001 sec. Key words: analytical instrument systems, method of integral scintillation, chemical-spectral determination of gold. Р. 51-53
УДК 550.84 Levchenko E.N. (IMGRE) // levchenko@imgre.ru Nabelkin O.A. (IMGRE) // mulderfw@yandex.com Filin A.S. (IMGRE) // filin-aleksander@mail.ru USE PORTABLE RF ANALYZER X-MET WITH SURVEY AND ASSESSMENT OF GEOLOGICAL EXPLORATION According to the results of the survey and assessment of exploration FSUE «IMGRE» in the period 2010–2014 shows the validity of handheld XRF analysers X-MET as in lithogeochemical mapping perspective areas and for grading raw material core samples in the field, which allowed to reduce the time office work, the number of tests in stationary laboratory and quickly adjust for geological exploration. Key words: X-ray fluorescence analysis, Portable XRF Analyser, Lithogeochemical sample, core samples, copper, yttrium, strontium. Р. 53-58
УДК 502:550.4 Nikitchenko I.I. (IMGRE) // fzf9@rambler.ru Achkasov A.I. (IMGRE) // anivach@yandex.ru Krinochkin L.A. (IMGRE) // krinochkin@imgre.ru Fuzaylova G.M. (IMGRE) // fzf9@rambler.ru THE PRESENT STATE OF PREPARATION, EVALUATION OF QUALITY AND REGULATORY AND METHODICAL PROVISIONS OF GEOCHEMICAL BASIS IN SCALE 1:1 000 000 AND 1:200 000 Problems are discussed of the state of preparation of the geochemical basis in scale 1:1 000 000 and 1:200 000 (GChB-1000 and GChO-200) serving as a major source of geochemical information for the State geological maps-1000/3 and -200/2 being compiled. The quality of GChB and regulatory and methodical provisions is assessed. Major problems are outlined of creating geochemical basis for State geological map. Key words: geochemical basis, state geological maps-1000/3, -200/2, methodological recommendations, regulatory and methodical provisions, requirements. Р.

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