CONTENTS № 8/2016


УДК 553.493(5+6):338.262.4 Bykhovskiy L.Z. (VIMS) // vims@df.ru Potanin S.D. (VIMS) // vims@df.ru Kotelnikov E.I. (VIMS) // kotelnikov_ei@rambler.ru PROSPECTS AND PRIORITY DEVELOPMENT MINERAL POTENTIAL OF RARE EARTHS AND SCANDIUM RAW RUSSIA There are given information about the state of the domestic mineral resources base of rare earth metals (RZM) and scandium. There are marked real, potential and promising sources of rare earth raw materials and scandium. It was noted that the perspective and perhaps even real sources of rare-earth metals and scandium may be a man-made formation: red mud and phosphogypsum. It was concluded that the existing MSB together with man-made structures will not only meet the domestic needs of the industry, but also enable Russia to enter the world market.

Keywords: mineral resources (MSB), deposits, rare earth metals (RZM), scandium, enrichment technology, concentrates, phosphogypsum, red sludge. Р.


УДК 553.3.071:553.041 Chernova A.D. (VIMS) // chernova@vims-geo.ru THE REVIEW OF FOREIGN PROJECTS EXPLORATION AND DEVELOPMENT PROJECT, AIMED AT REPRODUCTION MSB PLATINUM GROUP METALS There were prospecting for platinum group metals are conducted in traditional platinum mining regions, and in regions where the production of platinum is not conducted. There was a review of the global resource base and platinum group metals are considered exploration of different stages in most regions where identified and developed deposits of platinum group metals. Keywords: platinum group metals, raw materials, exploration, field development. Р. 8-13
УДК: 553.411.041 (470.22) Mironov Yu.B. (VSEGEI) // Yuri_Mironov@vsegei.ru Afanaseva E.N. (VSEGEI) // Elena_Afanasieva@vsegei.ru Lebedev I.O. (VSEGEI) // ivan_lebedev@vsegei.ru THE GEOLOGICAL STRUCTURE AND PROSPECTS OF GOLD-WEST AREA PYALOZERSKAYA (REPUBLIC OF KARELIA) It has been considered in the work of leading Western-Pyalozerskoy square structures Vedlozersky – Segozerskaya greenstone belt, enclosing objects gold-gold-quartz and gold-sulphide formation in Achaean rocks. There is shown that define the methods of studying gold-bearing areas were closed lithe geochemical detailed search for secondary dispersion halo (till search) and the drilling of a well logging complex. There was on set of geological, geochemical and geophysical methods highlighted promising areas for gold, recommendations for further work. Keywords: geochemical anomalies greenstone belt gold ore formation, ore-bearing zone, estimated resources and prospects. Р. 13-20
УДК:549.623.5 Sapozhnikova L.N. (VIMS) // sapojnikova@vims-geo.ru Bystrov I.G. (VIMS) // e-mail:bysivg@gmail.com Iospa A.V. (VIMS) // e-mail: vims-rentgen@mail.ru Dobrorodnyy V.N. (Sevkavgeologiya) // sevkavgeo@yandex.ru Dolya A.N. (Sevkavgeologiya) // sevkavgeo@yandex.ru Omelchenko V.L. (Sevkavgeologiya) // vlomelchenko.geo@gmail.com FINELY SCALY LIGHT KUBAN-KOLTYUBINSKOGO MANIFESTATIONS There is a brief description of the geological position and the main data display projected small – scaly muscovite-Koltyubinskoy the Kuban area in Karachay-Cherkessia Republic. There are considered species of Proterozoic rocks metamorphic productivity suite with detailed characteristic of light mica. The distinctive feature of the composition there is the presence of paragonite along with muscovite. Mica has formed as a result of metamorphism of mainly clastic rocks in green schist facies conditions. There was at different stages of the process by increasing the temperature they are re-crystallized from sericite to mid-, small – scaly formations. Keywords: Proterozoic, metamorphism, mica schists, small – scaly, Paragon muscovite (phengite). Р. 20-27
УДК 549.283:553.04 Ozhogin D.O. (GRK) // ozhogindenis@yandex.ru TYPOMORPHIC FEATURES GOLD-SULPHIDE ORE PYRITE SUKHOLOZHSKY TYPE There were revealed typomorphic features gold-pyrite ore deposit Sukhoi Log and Malomyr (morphology selections, the real composition and physical properties), which can be used in the search for and evaluation of ore trapped in carbon- clastic sediments. Keywords: gold-ore, ore stage, pyrite, generation, typomorphic especially micro- nano- pair genezis, micro-hardness, conductivity. Р. 27-30
УДК 550.81 + 550.85 Makarcheva A.A. (MGRI-RGGRU) // ogon.ok@mail.ru INFLUENCE OF THE GEOMETRY SAMPLES FOR QUANTITATIVE CHARACTERISTICS OF VARIABILITY OF MINERAL CONTENT There was an analysis of the effect of the density of the observation network, sample sizes, their size, orientation and configuration of the observed variability of the mineralization in stock work ores on the example of the deposit. There it was shown that the main factor determining the nature of the observed variability in the fields with a high degree of discontinuity and the anisotropic nature of the variability of the content, it is the orientation of the samples. There was a coincidence orientation samples ore veins predominant orientation in one direction leads to a sharp increase in the variability of the random component. Keywords: the observed variability, stock work deposit, vein lets orientation, geometry samples. Р. 31-34


УДК 550.83:550.814 Semenova M.P. (Geologorazvedka) // info@geolraz.com Tsirel V.S. (Geologorazvedka) // info@geolraz.com DEVELOPMENT PROSPECTS UNMANNED AIR GEOPHYSICS There has been the development of unmanned air geophysics based on the achievements of science and new technologies of XXI century, allowing creating drones, geophysical equipment, shooting management, collection, processing and interpretation of data. There were considered constructive and technical features of unmanned aero geophysics, the current state of geophysical measurement systems using unmanned vehicles, the results of the research, outlined the further development of the industry. Keywords: Air geophysics, an unmanned aerial vehicle, air magnetic service, air-electro-magnetic prospecting, airborne gamma spectrometry, electromagnetic interference, economic efficiency. Р. 34-39
УДК 550.834:551.14|15 Karaev N.A. (Geologorazvedka) // nazim_karaev@mail.ru Lukashin Yu.P. (Geologorazvedka) // 1932-luk@bk.ru Rabinovich G.Ya. (Geologorazvedka) Ronin A.L. (Geologorazvedka) // geo@geolraz.com THE STATE AND PROSPECTS OF SEISMIC BASED ON MODERN TECHNOLOGIES THE STUDY OF COMPLEX BUILD ENVIRONMENT ORE DISTRICT There have been considered the main stages of formation and development of the first established in the country of complex seismic environments for projections and the search for deposits of solid minerals. There is a large part of the enterprise and its employees has been shown: the development of the physical basis of the method; creation of a new more general class of heterogeneous seismic models, adequate models of complex geological environments of ore districts and crystal earth’s crust; in the development and implementation of hardware and technical equipment, technologies and techniques of field work; processing and interpretation of the data. There was concluded that there were real opportunities to recover seismic in the whole complex of geological-geophysical operations for solid minerals at the new technical and technological and methodological levels. Keywords: Seismic survey of complex environments, ore districts, the earth’s crust, heterogeneous seismic model, reflected-scattered waves. Р. 40-44


УДК 556.31 Godin V.Yu. (Aqualine, Karela) // godin@aqualine.sp.ru PHYSIOLOGICALLY COMPLETE DRINKING WATER FOR RESIDENTS OF ST. PETERSBURG AND LENINGRAD REGION According to the adopted methodology for the analysis of domestic and foreign literature in the field of assessing the impact of the water factor on human health, study the properties of the Neva water and held her comparative analysis of underground drinking water of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, assessed the drinking waters of St. Petersburg, studied and investigated regional geochemical features and resources of underground drinking water. There is on the results of the research proposed physiologically full drinking water for the region FPPV 47 (Leningrad region) and 78 for the city (St. Petersburg). There were established geographic boundaries of its distribution area. Keywords: physiologically full drinking water, the optimum salinity, total hardness, underground drinking water aquifer system, hydrogeology, Vendian aquifer system, macro and Micro Component composition. Р. 44-52


УДК 553.493.34 Torikova M.V. (IMGRE) Mikheeva E.D. (IMGRE) // Galsuta@rambler.ru NATURAL SERIES CONCENTRATION LITHIUM-BEARING EXTRACTION OF LITHIUM DEFINING TECHNOLOGY There have been considered part of the underground concentration subsalt reservoir brines and sediments inter salt and inside salt lenses in lithium accumulation. There drive circuit sequentially changes cationic composition and the amount of lithium brines in them in the condensation process. There were revealed the types of chemicals with the maximum lithium content and the maximum degree of concentration. There were given justification precluding further concentration of lithium extraction and sale in the traditional way. There is a technological method for lithium extraction of brine through the sorption enrichment. Keywords: Lithium-bearing underground concentration, concentration series, cationic composition of brines, sorption enrichment technology, hydration. Р. 53-56


УДК 553.048 Skruybite R.A. (GKZ) // skruybite@gkz-rf.ru Akifeva A.D. (GKZ) // akifyeva@gkz-rf.ru Gil V.A. (GKZ) // vladimir-gil@mail.ru EXPERIENCE OF STATE EXAMINATION OF COUNTING STOCKS SOLID MINERALS AND SCOPING STUDY CARRIED OUT USING THE GEOSTATISTICAL METHODS There is the example of the three deposits of different geological and industrial types are shown cases of geostatistical methods for estimating reserves, spread in the state examination of the feasibility study and calculation of reserves. The numbers are given relative differences reserves estimation made by the traditional method (the method of sections) and using geostatistical methods. There were characterized based on typical remarks using geostatistical methods. Keywords: Feasibility Study, reserves estimation, geostatistics, block modeling, cut-off grade, cut-off grade. Р. 56-58
УДК 553.46:622.346.3:338 Lapteva A.M. (VIMS) // lapteva@vims-geo.ru Egorova I.V. (VIMS) // egorova@vims-geo.ru ECONOMIC FACTORS OF DEVELOPMENT RESOURCES BASE TUNGSTEN WORLD There were discussed prospects for the development of new raw material of tungsten in the world of objects depending on the situation on the world market and the possible consequences for the commissioning of new facilities today a significant part of the production of tungsten concentrate in China. There is so still a number of countries this has significant metal resources.

Keywords: Tungsten, raw materials, development of mineral deposits, the tungsten market conditions, forecast. Р.


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