CONTENTS № 6/2016


УДК 553.463.685 (571.63) Gvozdev V.I. (The DVO Russian Academy of Sciences Far East geological institute) // gvozdev @ fegi.ru Anakhov A.V. (Seaside GOK) // avanahov @ yandex.ru Sadkin S.I. (Taiga Expedition) // agurikov @ yаndex.ru SOURCE OF RAW MATERIALS OF TUNGSTEN OF SEASIDE AND MAIN WAYS OF DEVELOPMENT There is a brief overview about the tungsten raw material base of the Seaside. It was plan a few basic ways to ensure mining of tungsten raw materials. It was consider the most attractive objects for investments, one of them – The hidden deposit. Key words: tungsten raw materials, Seaside Р. 3-7
УДК 553.495 (571.54) Vasilishina V.V. (VIMS) // sandra-x@bk.ru Chesnokov L.V. (VIMS) // vims@df.ru Trofimov N.S. (VIMS) ASSOCIATION OF URANIUM MINERALS AND FORMS FOR THE ALLOCATION GREBNEVO IN TASHIR URANIUM DISTRICT (REPUBLIC OF BURYATIA) The characteristic of the leading types of rocks Tashir uranium district. For localized in the metasedimentary rocks of the uranium of the ridge showing textural and structural features of form and sequence of separation of uranium minerals, considered their relationship with solid bitumen. The age of uranium mineralization and geological and genetic type was established. Key words: occurrence of the ridge, the Late Mesozoic tectonic-magmatic activation, pitchblende, Coffin, solid bitumen metasomatic Р. 7-11
УДК 550.8.052. 553.81. 553.495 Ignatov P.A. (MGRI-RGGRU) // petrignatov@gmail.com THE PALEOTECTONIC METHODS DETECT HIDDEN STRUCTURES WHICH CONTROL URANIUM DEPOSIT AND DIAMONDS There is review of methods to identify hidden structures, controlling deposits of uranium and diamond-bearing kimberlites: konsidimentation violations; structural and morphological analysis of the surfaces of ancient disagreements and marker horizons; bearing signs shifts infringement stratification; FLUID detection exploding bodies structural and petrophysical methods. There are some examples for uranium deposits in Northern Kazakhstan and Minusinskogo deflection of the Mirny diamond deposits in Yakutia and Nakyn Zolotitsa fields and fields of the Arkhangelsk region. Key words: deposit, uranium, diamond, konsidimentation violations shifts, controlling structures, structural and petrophysical methods. Р. 11-15
УДК 553.462:553.075(571.56) Vydrich D.E. (VIMS) // devrich@mail.ru THE NEW INFORMATION ON GEOLOGICAL STRUCTURE PROSPECTS AND INDUSTRIAL MOLYBDENUM OF BADIS (SOUTHERN YAKUTIA) Based on new information on the geological structure of molybdenum Badis, located in the zone of intersection becomes a Taksakandinskogo deep fault, refined morphology of ore stock work. The isometrics molybdenum stock work became divided into linearly extended stock work zone northeast strike with a «rod» quartz veins. Key words: molybdenum occurrence of Badis becomes suture zone, granitites of the Mesozoic age, metamorphism, the morphology of ore stock work, Stock works linear, structural and tectonic controls of mineralization. Р. 15-21
УДК 553.411.071 Lushchakov A.V. (Converse Gold) // aleksandr-lushhakov@rambler.ru THE FEATURES PLACER GOLD OF NIGER RIVER POND The based on personal observations, mineralogical studies of native gold and literature information was conclude about the nature of gold mineralization district. Niger and tributaries on the territory of the Republic of Mali and Guinea. The author is claiming, that the gold mineralization was associated with rivers eluvial horizon, there is a product of the development of lateritic weathering crusts in tropical peneplain. Key words: peneplain, laterites, gold, Niger, eluvium. Р. 22-25
УДК 550.8 Dyakonov V.V. (Russian University of Nations Friendship) // mdf.rudn@mail.ru Kotelnikov A.E. (Russian University of Nations Friendship) // aekot@rambler.ru Usova V.M. (Russian University of Nations Friendship) // usova_vm@rambler.ru ENDOGENOUS SULFIDE MINERALIZATION DURING PALEOVULCANIC STRUCTURES There was present the main views of the authors on the formation of paleovolcanic facilities and their structure. Main regularities of the structural conditions of localization of endogenous mineralization have been identified. Key words: paleovolcanic structure, facies mineralization, copper, gold. Р. 25-27


УДК 550.83 Fomenko N.E. (Southern Federal University) // fnegeophyskohle@ya.ru Porfilkin E.G. (South-Russian State Technical University Platov M.I.) // 13050465@mail.ru Gross A.N. (South-Russian State Technical University Platov M.I.) // A.Grossu@mail.ru Lubyanova S.I. (South-Russian State Technical University Platov M.I.) // 13050465@mail.ru Borisov K.A. (South-Russian State Technical University Platov M.I.) // 13050465@mail.ru THE ELECTRO TECHNOLOGIES IN EXPLORATION WORK ON THE GOLD OF NOVOSHAHTINSK DISTRICT OF ROSTOV REGION The results of the application of electro technology in exploration work on the site gold prospect Galutinsky Novoshahtinsk district of Rostov region. Complex geophysical research methods include symmetric electric profiling (BOT), the permanent natural electric field (EP), the electro potential tomographic sensing (EPTZ). This research clarified the tectonic structure of the area, to evaluate the geological cross-section to a depth of 100 m. and to allocate it near-surface and deep heterogeneity. Key words: The gold prospect land, geological section, geophysical, geo-electric methods electrical sounding curves and electric profiling, near-surface and deep heterogeneity. Р. 28-32
УДК 550.837.21 Davydov V.A. (Institute of Geophysics, Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences. Bulashevich Y.P.) // davyde@yandex.ru APPLICATION AUDIOMAGNETOTELLURICS EXPRESS-SENSING IN THE STUDY OF THE ENGINEERING-GEOLOGICAL CONDITIONS DEPOSITS There is the practical examples audiomagnetotellurics observations on a number of ore deposits. Measurements were taken at different stages of development of deposits: exploration, exploitation and liquidation. The technique of fieldwork and processing the results of observations. Comparison of the results showed a good convergence of qualitative and quantitative interpretation audiomagnetotellurics sounding with available geological and geophysical information. Key words: audiomagnetotellurics sounding, geo-electric section, the effective longitudinal conductivity. Р. 32-36


УДК 622.24 Sklyanov V.I. (Corporate University «Norilsk Nickel») // sklyanov_vi@mail.ru THE COST ANALYSIS FOR POWER DRILL STRING ROTATION, EQUIPPED WITH ROTOR MULTIPLIER BORER The comparative analysis conducted of the costs of the transmission power of the drilling rig to the bottom rocks with rotary drill bit multiplier and without it at high-diamond drilling of deep wells. Key words: rotary drill bit multiplier, the high speed diamond drilling, power consumption, rock-cutting tool. Р. 36-39


УДК 553.04; 553.046 Boguslavskiy M.A. (Moscow State University) // mboguslavskiy@yandex.ru IS IT ADVISABLE TO IMPLEMENTATION OF THE CONCEPT OF «CRITICAL RAW MATERIALS» IN RUSSIA? The view was shown in «critical» minerals in the US and Britain. The concept of strategic and scarce mineral resources in the Russian Federation. The necessity of introducing the concept of «critical» of mineral resources in the Russian Federation. For example of selection of the strategic minerals really “deficient” species to obtain an objective picture of Russian SME needs. Key words: strategic minerals, scarce minerals, critical mineral raw materials, the Russian MSB RF. Р. 39-42
УДК 338.984: 553.04 Krasnov O.S. (VNIGRI) // okrasnov@vnigri.ru Salikhov V.A. (Kemerovo State University, Novokuznetsk Institute (branch) // salihov-va@ya.ru SPECIAL FEATURES OF THE ECONOMICS ASSESSMENT FERROUS AND RARE METALS CONTAINED IN THE WASTE DEPOSITS The technique of economic evaluation of reserves of non-ferrous and rare metals contained in the technological fields, namely in coal Kuzbass and ash and slag wastes generated at power plants Kemerovo region. The formulas for calculating the minimum industrial metals in coal and ash and slag waste coal, conditional metal content in ash dumps, minimum reserves of metals in coal, given the general scheme of economic-geological and economic evaluation of metals. Key words: non-ferrous and rare metals, coal, ash and slag waste coal, metal content of the conditional, economic evaluation. Р. 42-46


УДК 504.05/.06 Podlesnykh A.I. (MGSU) // podlesnikh-alisa-i@yandex.ru Lavrusevich I.A. (MGSU) // 4914907@gmail.com GEOECOLOGICAL PROBLEMS OF CEMENT PRODUCTION The different aspects of the impact of cement production on the environment was list. There are details considered geo-ecological problems in different stages of production. The information on the sources and nature of contamination, as well as measures taken to reduce them. The necessity of a systematic approach to greening cement production, the result of which should be the production without disturbing the balance of geo-environmental and blends harmoniously with the natural environment. Key words: techno genesis, geo-ecological problems, stages of cement production, pollution, greening production. Р. 46-51
УДК 55:61+574.24+314.4:504.055 Rossman G.I. (VIMS) // vims@df.ru Koroleva N.L. (VIMS) // nk.vims@yandex.ru FORWARD-LOOKING ASSESSMENT OF DISEASE OF THE POPULATION OF ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT OF OBJECTS MINERAL COMPLEX The method of forecast evaluation was reviewed by the degree of morbidity, permanently residing in the zone of influence of current or planned mining, dressing and mining-metallurgical complexes, through the assessment of ecological tension areas of residential complexes. The method was based on a statistical relationship degree of morbidity and mortality with the degree of environmental stress areas of residence. The proposed solution may be useful in the preparation of feasibility studies of permanent conditions and development projects of mineral resources deposits. Key words: mining and processing, mining and metallurgical plants, environmental voltage, morbidity. Р.


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