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УДК 553.4/.6¢8¢91¢985.0014(061.62):93²1945-2015²(47+57+470.411) Aksenov E.M. (TSNIIgeolnerud) // root @geolnerud.net Distanov U.G. (TSNIIgeolnerud) // root @geolnerud.net FSUE «TSNIIGEOLNERUD» – STAGES OF DEVELOPMENT AND ITS ROLE IN THE FIELD OF STUDYING AND REPRODUCTION OF MINERAL RAW MATERIALS RESOURCES BASE OF NON-METALLIC MINERALS Stage-by-stage history of coming-into-being the geological segment specialized basic scientific-industrial enterprise in the field of geological investigation, reproduction, development and employment of the mineral raw materials base, the enterprise’s role in the fundamental research of the problems of deposits formation and positioning regularities and mechanisms as well as the scientific-methodical and analytical-technological provision. The geological exploration effectiveness and the supplying of the main complexes of the national economy with nonmetals have been covered. Key words: mineral raw materials resources base, non-metallic, minerals, stage, result, Russia. Р. 5-10
УДК 553.4/.6′8′91′ Vasilev N.G. (TSNIIgeolnerud) // nauka@geolnerud.net MINERAL-RESOURCES BASE OF NON-METALS OF RUSSIA AND ROLE OF FSUE «TSNIIGEOLNERUD» IN ITS FORMATION The article describes the state of the mineral resource base of non-metals of Russia and problems of its use. The main results of of exploration works on the non-metals for the 2005 – 2014 years, obtained by the scientific-methodological and analytical-technological support of FSUE «TSNIIgeolnerud» are listed. The further development of non-metal industry is outlined. Key words: mineral resources base, non-metals, the state, usage, problems, geological exploration, maintenance, activities, prospects, Russia. Р. 10-18
УДК 553.5/.6.001.5:355.43:622.2 (470.62/.67) Belyaev E.V. (CNIIgeolnerud) // bel@geolnerud.net Antonov V.A. (CNIIgeolnerud) // root@geolnerud.net Lygina T.Z. (CNIIgeolnerud) // root@geolnerud.net Vertiy S.N. (Kavkaznedra) // kavkaz@rosnedra.com Kurbanov M.M. (Sevkavnedra) // sevkavnedra@mail.ru STRATEGY OF RESEARCHING, DEVELOPMENT AND EXPLOITATION OF MINERAL BASE OF SOLID NON-METALLIC MINERALS IN NORTH CAUCASUS A brief characteristic of mineral base of solid non-metallic minerals in Northern Caucasus is given. The main directions of it’s researching, development and exploitation are offered: reassessment of the resource potential of solid non-metallic minerals, geological and economic evaluation and licensing of the most perspective objects (deposits), geological exploration, analytical and technological tests, development of licensing and geological exploration program. Key words: strategy, researching, development, exploitation, mineral base, solid, non-metallic, mineral, Northern Caucasus, Russia. Р. 18-31
УДК 553.5/. Senatorov P.P. (TSNIIgeolnerud) // pav-senatoroff@yandex.ru Semanov D.A. (TSNIIgeolnerud) // Dsemanov@ksu.ru TSNIIGEOLNERUD´S STUDIES OF RESOURCE POTENTIAL OF THE NON-METALLIC MINERAL RESOURCES OF SIBERIA AND THE FAR EAST The results of the scientific research of the non-metallic raw material resources potential carried out by the FSUE «TsNIIgeolnerud» on the vast territories of Siberia and Far East including the West-Siberian oil-gas complex, the zone of influence of the Baikal-Amur main line and some other territories within the period of 1963-2014, have been characterized. The role of the Institute in the creation and development of the mineral raw material resources base of apatites, potassium salts, bentonites, zeolites, magnesites, talc, graphite, baryta and other industrial minerals as well as mineral construction raw materials in the eastern regions of the state has also been emphasized. Key words: FSUE «TSNIIgeolnerud», resources potential, non-metallic raw material resources, Siberia, Far East, mineral material resources base, industrial minerals, mineral construction raw materials. Р. 31-38
УДК 553.3/.6´8.042.084(477.75) Aksenov E.M. (TSNIIgeolnerud) // root@geolnerud.net Belyaev E.V. (TSNIIgeolnerud) // bel@geolnerud.net Sadykov R.K. (TSNIIgeolnerud) // root@geolnerud.net INDUSTRY POTENCIAL OF SOLID INDUSTRY MINERALS OF CRIMEAN FEDERAL DISTRICT Short characteristics of mineral base of solid industry minerals in Crimean Federal District is given. The main it’s part is submitted by carbonate rocks (limestones, dolomites, marls), bentonite clays, salts, glass and construction sands, gyps, clays and loams, ornamental and facing rocks, phosphorites and so on. Group of metallic minerals includes iron ores and iron-manganese ores, bauxite and mercury ores. Information of their material composition and resources of the biggest deposits is shown. Recommendations for studying and mastering of perspective objects (deposits) are given. Key words: solid industry mineral, material composition, mineral base, resources, recommendations, Federal District, Crimean. Р. 38-46
УДК 553.632.04:631.83(470+57) Batalin Yu.V. (TSNIIgeolnerud) // root@geolnerud.net Vasilev N.G. (TSNIIgeolnerud) // nauka@geolnerud.net Vishnyakov A.K. (TSNIIgeolnerud) // technology-geolnerud@yandex.ru Fakhrutdinov R.Z. (TSNIIgeolnerud) // root@geolnerud.net DOES RUSSIA NEED THE HIGHLY-DEVELOPMENT AND DEMONOPOLIZED RAW MATERIALS BASE OF POTASSIUM FERTILIZERS The use of mineral fertilizers, especially potash, does not correspond to the optimum application rate of the agrochemical areas of Russia. The concentration of potash production only on Verkhnekamskoye field does not satisfy the requirements of a market economy. The overwhelming share of potash exports in the widespread shortage of the domestic market. The resource potential of the largest potash salt-basins of the Caspian, Ural region, the Baltic States, Eastern Siberia defines the real prospects of the establishment of regional resource bases. Mastering them through the introduction of innovative technologies for the extraction and processing of salt would cover the need for potash of both domestic and foreign markets. Key words: potash, fertilizer, fertility rate, biochemical, value, productivity, market, production, refining, Russia. Р. 46-57
УДК 553.573¢576. Aksenov E.M. (TSNIIgeolnerud) // root@geolnerud.net Bydtaeva N.G. (TSNIIgeolnerud) // root@geolnerud.net Buryan Yu.I. (TSNIIgeolnerud) // root@geolnerud.net Kolmogorov Yu.G. (TSNIIgeolnerud) // root@geolnerud.net Nepryakhin A.E. (TSNIIgeolnerud) // root@geolnerud.net Nigmatov I.N. (TSNIIgeolnerud) // root@geolnerud.net PERSPECTIVES OF UTILIZATION OF RUSSIA’S QUARTZ RAW MATERIALS IN HIGH TECHNOLOGIES The main trends of the utilization of the quartz raw materials and their products in the world market have been studied. There have also been presented the results of the thorough investigation of the granulated quartz objects of non-distributed mineral resources funds and possible alternative sources such as quartzites, weathering crusts, and quartz of quartz-gold ore formation. The perspective regions of organization of geological prospecting to find high-quality quartz raw materials have been determined as well. Key words: quartz, concentrates, classification, geological-technological, deposit, traditional, alternative, analytical, technological, analysis, recommendation, industrial, high technology, Russia. Р. 57-66
УДК 553.89.041+622.379.642.26(47+57) Polyanin V.S. (TSNIIgeolnerud) // root@geolnerud.net Polyanina T.A. (TSNIIgeolnerud) // camsam@geolnerud.net Dusmanov E.N. (TSNIIgeolnerud) // evgeny.dusmanov@gmail.com Yakovleva E.I. (TSNIIgeolnerud) // root@geolnerud.net THE MINERAL RESOURCE BASE OF COLORED STONES IN THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION: PERSPEKTIVS OF DEVELOMPENT ARE OUTILITED The article diskussed develoment of the mineral resource base colored stones in the Russian Federation. Diskusses problems with this area and ways their solition and proposed. Key words: colored stone, mineral resource base, outilitedn, develoment, Russian Federation. Р. 66-76
УДК 553.5/.6.985.003.12:33(470.41) Sadykov R.K. (TSNIIgeolnerud) // root@geolnerud.net Vlasova R.G. (TSNIIgeolnerud) // root@geolnerud.net Muradymova V.M. (TSNIIgeolnerud) // root@geolnerud.net Bulatova G.N. (TSNIIgeolnerud) // root@geolnerud.net SOLID NON-METALLIC MINERALS IN STRUCTURE OF ECONOMY OF THE REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN It is shown the condition of mineral resources of solid non-metallic minerals, the directions of their use in economy of the Republic of Tatarstan, the role in social and economic development of the Republic and implementation of national projects in territory of the Republic of Tatarstan. The principles of subsurface use and licensing are considered, offers on their improvement are stated. Need of development of the Strategic Program for geological studying of a subsoil, reproduction and using of solid nonmetallic minerals of the Republic of Tatarstan is proved. Key words: solid nonmetallic minerals, competitiveness, subsurface using, strategic program, development, Republic of Tatarstan. Р. 76-83
УДК: 552.08+005+083.74 Lygina T.Z. (TSNIIgeolnerud) // lygina@geolnerud.net Gubaydullina A.M. (TSNIIgeolnerud) // alfgub@mail.ru Kornilov A.V. (TSNIIgeolnerud) // technology-geolnerud@yandex.ru Chekmarev A.S. (TSNIIgeolnerud) // technology-geolnerud@yandex.ru LABORATORY STUDIES OF NON-METALLIC RAW MATERIALS – HISTORY, ACHIEVEMENTS AND DEVELOPMENT PROSPECTS The review of scientific-methodological and technical developments in the field of investigations of the non-metallic materials properties and composition has been presented by the institute laboratory services. It has been also shown that the employment of complementary analytical methods as well as the usage of non-conventional ways of processing are necessary to develop the advanced processing technologies. Key words: laboratory service, non-metallic raw material, composition, properties, analitycal studies, technological tests, regulatory documents. Р.

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